Big Games of 2012: Is God of War IV Finally Coming?

Hints at a reveal on April 19th indicate Kratos' possible return.

Ever since God of War III came out a couple of years back on the PlayStation 3 and wrapped up the current trilogy in entertaining fashion, fans have been wondering what was next for Sony Computer Entertainment of America and Kratos.  Sure, he's been back in a couple of God of War compilations, including a recently released one that brought Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta to consoles in high-defintiion form.  But we mean a true God of War sequel.  Well, according to recent ads that have popped up, one may not be far off.

As of late, Sony has been running cryptic ads that have been tied into its official Facebook page.  These ads, featuring a brightly colored background and a definitely Roman-looking font, have stated such messages as "Will Vengeance Bring Redemption?" and "Nothing will bring them back", along with a reveal date of 4/19/12, which is just a few days from now.

Now, while God of War IV wasn't officially indicated anywhere in there, take a look at the messages.  On the "vengeance" front, Kratos does have a lot to be vengeful for, considering his world was torn apart as an assigned God of War, and, despite bringing down Zeus and most of the people responsible, that doesn't mean the saga is entirely over.  There are still possible enemies that could pop out of the woodwork to tie into the story.

As for "Nothing will bring them back," in the original God of War, Kratos, in a blind and furious rage, slaughtered his wife and child, and since then, he's been tormented by their deaths, doing anything to make the pain go away.  And, of course, it hasn't.  So God of War IV could introduce a new story arc where Kratos tries to eradicate their spirits once and for all.  Or at least try to make amends for his ruthless act.

God of War IV has been rumored for some time now, and the return of Kratos would certainly be lucrative for Sony in terms of sales, since God of War III did rather well.  Now the only question is who's producing it (Stig Asmussen handled GOW III significantly well), and what direction the next chapter in the series will go.

But there's also the possibility that a new game for the PlayStation Vita could be announced.  Ghost of Sparta and Chains of Olympus are both available for download through the PlayStation Store, so it would make sense for Sony to consider a portable chapter.  The only thing is, Ready At Dawn usually handled the portable Kratos adventures, and they've moved on from portable development...

 I guess we'll find out in just a few days time, and we'll bring you all the official details right here at Gamerlive.