Big Games of 2012: WWE 13 Hitting the Mat – Literally (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)

THQ’s latest brawler leaks an interesting new feature, along with plenty of wrestling action.

THQ doesn’t appear to have much presence at this year’s E3 event, as there won’t likely be a Darksiders II car wash to go with last year’s Saints Row event.  No matter, the company will still be there, showing off the upcoming sequel featuring Death, along with the recently announced Company of Heroes II.  But now it looks like it’ll have an additional game in tow, the latest in its ongoing World Wrestling Entertainment wrestling sims, as a trailer appeared online hours ago – before being taken down – that announced the arrival of WWE 13 on November 1.

The game, which will once again bring back a plethora of superstars including John Cena, CM Punk and The Big Show among others, will once again feature great, life-like wrestling action, as the other games have done, along with a number of modes, including the possible return of Road To Wrestlemania, where you can make your career headlining the annual event – maybe even going against the Rock.


But perhaps the biggest addition of all goes right up there with last year’s damageable items, like tables and chairs.  This time around, you can actually…break the ring.


In previous years, only a few incidents have led to a collapse of a wrestling ring, like The Big Show taking one apart with Scott Hall standing in it, or Brock Lesnar super-plexing The Big Show and forcing it to collapse due to all the weight.  (A recent incident occurred where Mark Henry got his at the hands of Show, and, in perfect order, the ring collapsed.)  You’ll probably need big men to do it, but this feature does present an interesting situation where you can really bring down the house, leading the crowd into a frenzy.


Before it was taken down, we also noticed that the trailer featured CM Punk, cheering on folks to join him in the upcoming WWE 13 revolution.  Having him as one of the main leads for the game is a strong idea, as previous years have proven John Cena and Randy Orton to be stable cover stars, and a change like this could definitely bring in a new popular dynamic.  Plus, if you haven’t seen it yet, his rant from last year that runs about six minutes and literally sounds like one of the best shoots ever caught on tape is worth watching.  We’ve included it below.