E3 2011: Frogger Returns in Frogger 3D for the Nintendo 3DS

Lovable frog returns in 3D, wants your love

Frogger is back, hitting the streets on the new Nintendo 3DS. This 30 year old amphibian is used to jumping from place to place but never clear off the screen. The 3DS system allows users favorite frog to jump right out at them with its glasses-free 3D capabilities. Frogger jumps straight into new troubles with all new friends and over 60 new challenges. This famous frog doesn’t stay put for a second, if he’s not crossing busy roads he’s climbing skyscrapers or trying not to be eaten at a busy sushi restaurant. Whatever Frogger is up to in his newest game he is sure to jump right off the screen and straight into your heart.



Frogger 3D adds new twists to classic game play in the latest installment set to be released in the Fall of 2011. The game will attract casual gamers as well as kids. Simple challenges and cute characters will be great for players who are looking for a quick game to hold a simple interest. Kids will be able to connect with Frogger, who will be a new character to them. People, who were fans of the game before, will be happy to see the familiar face on the 3DS. I think the game should hold general attention for a casual audience. Hardcore gamers will probably be looking for more than just the simple challenges Frogger has to offer. It seems like just an arcade game to me, nothing that I would need to play more than just once. Frogger’s new challenges will hold my attention for a quick gaming session but I feel I would not need to buy the game.

Even though I do not have high hopes for this game I still give good old Frogger the respect he deserves. This game should be fun and entertaining at least for a few hours and will be great for kids but I can’t see it making it much past that. Frogger is a classic character trying to make his appearance to a modern gaming world. Some people will love the game some people will search for a game with more to offer then this simple classic.