E3 2012: Hitman HD Collection Could Soon Hit the Bullseye (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)

An Italian retail site outs what could be Square Enix's next revamp.

Agent 47 is making a huge comeback this fall with the release of Hitman: Absolution, a game that features some great new gameplay features, along with adversaries (how about those killer nuns?!) that will give him a run for his money.  But it looks like it may not be the only game where he'll be able to get his kill game on.  According to a recent listing from an Italian game shop, Square Enix is also bringing back some of his older titles, and packing them together ala HD Collection.

The listing, which you can find here, features what looks like some very official artwork for the Hitman HD Collection (see to the left too), with three classic Hitman games coming to the forefront with high definition graphics and possible other improvements.  The three games that are likely to be included are Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Hitman: Contracts and Hitman: Blood Money, which previously came out for PlayStation 2 and Xbox.  (Blood Money was also released for Xbox 360.)

These are more "old-school" style of hitman games, where you have to sneak around your objectives and get everything "just right" when it comes to pulling off key executions.  Hitman Absolution will offer such ability again, but will also provide a straight-up action route, where you could simply run into a room guns blazing for effectiveness.

Seeing as how Square previously released the Tomb Raider Trilogy for PlayStation 3, this collection wouldn't be a complete shock, as the Hitman franchise has done well for both them and Eidos, and Hitman Absolution is going into E3 on a huge buzz, thanks to a new trailer where Agent 47 takes on aforementioned killer nuns.  But the company hasn't confirmed Hitman HD Collection just yet -- though we're likely to hear more next week at E3.

The only question now is what other extras the package will include.  Will we get the Hitman Sniper Challenge that was released previously as a digital download?  Will the game be available to play in 3D?  Maybe it'll even include a Hitman Absolution demo...?  We'll know for sure soon enough.  But it looks like, at the moment, it's a PS3 exclusive, though an Xbox 360 version isn't out of the question.

Regardless, look for more Hitman awesomeness next week from the show floor.