Elder Scrolls: Skyrim’s Next DLC To Be Called Hearthfire

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Hearthfire to be the next expansion

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is still to this day one of the most played games played on PC. With the Dawnguard expansion recently hitting Steam shelves, many have already have played 100 plus hours into the 2011 holiday hit. So what’s next for Skyrim? Bethesda recently filed out a trademark called Hearthfire, which could be linked to the Elder Scrol\ franchise.

This news about Bethesda’s trademark needs to brought into prospective. Playstation 3 users have yet to receive the Dawnguard expansion as Bethesda recently admitted that the expansion was delayed due to performance issues. Releasing a new expansion before Bethesda completes its multiplatform duties is highly unlikely.  

Fans of the series may have already cracked the code on the expansion. Hearthfire symbolizes the ninth month of the Skyrim in-game calendar, could we be looking at September release date? Remember Xbox 360 gets a month exclusivity on Skyrim downloadable content, so PC and PS3 user will once again have to wait.