Five Games EA Should Consider Bringing With Them To E3

The company’s done well at previous shows, but for E3 2012, they need to consider both old and new franchises alike.

Road Rash

Let’s be honest, this series has always been a strong staple in EA’s line-up, especially in the Sega Genesis days and when it make its debut on the 3DO.  We’ve seen concept video of a project that was long in the works and cancelled, but now is the time, we believe, to reintroduce it.  Look at what SSX’s return to retail did for EA and its fan base.  Obviously Road Rash can have a similar effect, with its free-wheeling racing antics, its fast-paced combat, and its multiplayer opportunities.  We’d love to whack someone in the face with a crowbar – without the legal consequences, obviously.