I Gotta Feeling That the Black Eyed Peas Will Have Their Own Dancing Game

Ubisoft announces new dancing game, The Black Eyed Peas Experience
From their performance at the Super Bowl to all of the major hits they had on the radio, the Black Eyed Peas have undoubtedly been ruling the airwaves for the past few years. Their singles continue to be in heavy rotation at clubs and bars, and their more recent single "I Gotta Feeling" can be heard at any moment that calls for celebration including weddings. With all of the momentum picked up with having a #1 single follow another, Ubisoft decided to capitalize on the pop group's superstardom by announcing another dance game, titled The Black Eyed Peas Experience.
The announcement came via a trailer video shown above. The game will be available both for the Kinect and the Wii, though from what it appears, the Kinect seems to be the dominant version as dance moves will incorporate both hand and feet movement. The Wii will only be able to detect hand movement.
The announcement of The Black Eyed Peas Experience adds a second dance title to Ubisoft's lineup for this year, assuming that it comes out for the holiday season. The other dance game in their repertoire is Just Dance 3, which was announced at Ubisoft's press conference at E3 a few weeks ago.
Considering how quickly the music game genre faded just as fast as it erupted, it seems that the dancing game genre is following down the same path. Ubisoft has two major series out in the market - Just Dance and the Experience series - while MTV Games has the Dance Central series. If The Black Eyed Peas Experience were to release this year, that would mean all 3 series would have a game come out in 2011. While the date is still tentative for Dance Central 2, it is expected to come out some time this year.
The question we have to ask ourselves is do we really even need that many more dance games? I like to think not. Although there are tons of songs available to make a dancing game, the novelty of such a game existing will wear off regardless of what songs you put in the game. It's the same as with Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Surely the first few times we all played those games, it was a blast to play because of how new it was. But in the course of a few short years, it got old. Even if the music was changed around or if a prominent band was featured, it couldn't hold the market's attention. Just look at how poorly The Beatles: Rock Band did in comparison to other titles in the franchise.
The developers are probably trying to push as many products as they can in a short period of time due to how fast the music game genre fell. While the dance craze is hot, they are filling the market up with games now since it probably isn't a stable genre much like its music counterpart. It may be a little bit frustrating to see all of these dance games come out, but I think that fad will pass rather quickly and we won't be seeing much more of these games.