Independent Gaming Lives On With Mega Super Meat Boy Sales

Team Meat celebrates a million downloads.

For those of you who think that independent gaming has been overshadowed by the likes of bigger publishers and game licenses, well, yeah, they do dominate the industry.  But there's still room for a modest success story, as two guys who put together one of 2010's more entertaining independent games have recently announced that it has sold over a million downloads.  And that game?  Why, Super Meat Boy, of course.

The platformer, which is considered by many to be one of the toughest games ever created (and once you get to the second series of levels, you're likely to agree), smacks of old-school NES flavor, featuring a dedicated 8-bit soundtrack, cool old-school visuals and hilarious cinemas.  The game has become a best seller on Xbox Live, and voted by many as one of the best Xbox Live Arcade games out there...despite the fact that the developers, Team Meat, haven't exactly gotten along the smoothest of ways with Microsoft.

But that doesn't stop the success story.  Team Meat has announced that the game has gone platinum, meaning it has reached a million downloads -- no easy feat for a game, especially one that was developed by two guys over a matter of months.  But it just shows that independent gaming is as popular as it's ever been, and there's no signs of it slowing down, as several games are in the works for 2012, including the forthcoming Dust, which started out as an Xbox Live Indie project in 2007, and new projects from both Team Meat and the developers of Bastion.  (Though not sequels -- not yet.)

Speaking of Bastion, its development team, Supergiant Games, boasted its own proud announcement today, stating that the game has reached over 500,000 downloads, half a million!  Not a bad record at all, and considering it's one of the best XBLA/OnLive games of 2011, it's no surprise either.  Congrats!

With that, we look forward to seeing what bold new steps independent games take in 2012.  Bring 'em on, we say!