NFL Sunday Ticket Already Running Into Trouble On PlayStation Network?

Streaming issues put the exclusive service into question.

When Sony announced that it had struck a deal with DirecTV to broadcast NFL Sunday Ticket on the PlayStation Network, fans everywhere were thrilled with the idea of getting their favorite football games without needing to subscribe to the satellite service.  But today, they were given a painful reminder that not everything works according to plan, as the PSN-run service is running into the same problems as DirecTV's own service -- and is unwatchable as a result.

The $339 subscription plan ran into a major snag this morning when DirecTV had trouble with the Sunday Ticket service.  Picture skips and signal problems were being reported, causing disruption in viewing for not only those who have the Sunday Ticket service on the regular satellite service, but also PSN.  There have been several complaints mounting on Twitter as a result, including the following...

@CliffyC- @playstation and @directv $340 for Sunday Ticket, then can't even have it working right Week 1. I'm gonna need some money back

@jonathansherry- NFL Sunday Ticket service currently not working at all on PS3. Please help.  @directv @playstation

@jergrah- @playstation #directv #sundayticket garbage on PS3? You going to fix it or provide refunds?

@rmackgee- @playstation @directv Sunday Ticket is horrible to say the least for PS3. You guys better do something and do it quick.

There's no question that users are becoming irked with the service, especially after paying such a high rate to access it.  We attempted to contact DirecTV but to no avail, as they're overloaded with calls.  There's no question they're working on this to get the service back up and running, but there's no word yet on whether a refund will be offered.

Our take: this isn't good, guys.  This service should've been thoroughly tested so that it was running just fine from week one, rather than running into the kind of outage issues that put a lack of confidence into your product.  Our advice- provide a $100 refund for PSN subscribers, promise some better server quality, and pray that week two goes off without a hitch.

UPDATE: DirecTV has apologized for the service interruption and offered PSN users a $25 credit.  Beats nothing, we suppose...but c'mon, guys, this was a HUGE error.