Review: Inquisitor, A Game of Heresy

Game is tainted with bad gameplay

Inquisitor by Czech developer Cinemax has quite an interesting history. It originally started development around the early 2000’s and was just released a few years ago in Czech and just now has been translated into english. It’s really strange that Cinemax decided to stay with this style of game for so long. Let me explain.

In Inquisitor you play as Paladin, Priest, or a Thief. After a very simple character creation screen where you allocate stats and choose 1 of 4 character portraits. Following you are greeted with one of the major elements of the game, a huge wall of text. Apparently you have been unjustly imprisoned and a mysterious figure has apparently paid to have you freed, in exchange you must travel to the town of Hilbrant and figure out why a merchant has been killed there.

You quickly discover there is more to Hilbrant than expected and you are quickly caught up untangling the web of heresy there. I say heresy because it is the theme of the game. The game takes place in a medieval Europe realm where most people believe in a religion very similar to Catholicism, but never actually called that. Apparently, most people believe that God (capital G) has turned his face from humanity and Satan had caused famine and death to plague the land as he attempts to break free of his prison.