Review: NCAA Football 13 Is A Must Have For College Football Fans (Xbox 360 and Playstation 3)

Another outstanding installment into the NCAA series.


Coaching Carousel is back in NCAA football, but it remains untouched to my disappointment. The mode is still one of the best parts of dynasty mode, but the problems I had with it in the last installment are still found. It’s unrealistic for the offensive or defensive coordinator to recruit players into the program. That’s should be an honor reserved for players who earned the head couching position. Thankfully Road to Glory is a different story.

Road to Glory had a serious face lift last addition and one could expect them to take the year of, however that wasn’t the case. The new addition to the mode is a feature called reaction time. This allows you to slow the down the game and make it easier for you hit your target. This feature is tied into your player’s awareness rating, so you gain more time by spending your experience points on awareness. Improvements made in Road to Glory help make Heisman Challenge stand out.

Heisman Challenge is the first time NCAA athletes have appeared in game. 16 different Heisman’s are in the game. Enhancing this mode is all of the signature celebrations. From Tim Tebow kneeling, to the infamous Desmond Howard Heisman pose; Tiburon Studios has successfully recreated what fans remembered about them in NCAA football 13.



NCAA Football 13 is a great installment for the franchise. The series gets a lot of under the hood treatments that out class previous installments. The passing game is the best it’s ever been and team defense has never been sharper. Not a lot was done with dynasty mode, but the improvements in Road to Glory have made this a more complete product.

If you're a college football fan then this a must have as it manages to cram an absurd amount of high quality content onto one disk. This isn’t just the best college football game, this is one of the best sport games your going to find on the market.

Score: 9.5 out of 10