Special Metal Gear, Uncharted 3 Controllers Coming From Sony...In Japan

Gotta love special edition controllers, whether they're the Gears of War 3 Microsoft Xbox 360 pad or the cool baseball-colored PlayStation 3 controller.  There's something about owning just the right model when it comes to the game at hand.  Sony, recognizing this, is releasing a couple more specially made controllers for its PlayStation 3...in Japan at least...for two titles that are sure to get fans riled up.  The only question now is when they get a release in the rest of the world.

Sony announced the two controllers, a special Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker HD version (to commemorate the forthcoming PS3 collection due later this year), featuring gunmetal-like color combined with a dark, dingy design, as well as an Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception controller, featuring a slightly dirty camouflage tan appearance.  Both function like regular PS3 controllers, and are import friendly, if you feel like special ordering one.  (And considering they aren't slated for a U.S. release at the moment, you might have to consider that option.)

The Metal Gear Solid controller goes for 5,500 yen (or around $70) and will release on November 17th, shortly after the game arrives in Japan.  Meanwhile, Sony will exclusively offer the Uncharted 3 controller with the game when it launches overseas on November 2nd, going for 9,980 yen ($130).

Our take: C'mon, it's a matter of time before we get these controllers over here.  The Uncharted 3 one alone will no doubt be a strong collector's item, and that gunmetal PS3 controller is bound to be popular with a few folks.  If Sony can release a pink one, it can give us these colors to boot.