Top Five PlayStation Vita Games You Need To Play

If you’ve just picked up Sony’s handheld system, consider these games must-buys.

The PlayStation Vita.  Though it may not be everyone’s ideal handheld choice (the 3DS is out there, along with cheaper handhelds and that iPhone thing), it’s still a sleek little thing that’s well worth playing.  Sony has made quite a push with the system so far, with a number of impressive games and a few more on the way, including Resistance: Burning Skies landing at retail (and digitally) later this month.  But when it comes to games you MUST have, what are the best choices for the system?

Well, there are several choices to choose from, including digital games like The Pinball Arcade, Super Stardust Delta and Hustle Kings (all worthwhile choices), as well as retail games.  For this go-around, we’re going to stick with the retail picks, though any of the above games are recommended – and at just $10 a piece, no less.

But, for now, here are five full-sized PlayStation Vita games that you should consider buying, just to start your collection with a bang.  (You can always add more later…)

Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Though made by an entirely different development team than Naughty Dog (this game was handled by Sony Bend), Uncharted: Golden Abyss lives up to Nathan Drake’s previous adventures, with plenty of thrilling action moments, mind-bending puzzles, and a great story to back them all up.  Though some of the game’s better characters are missing, Drake steals the show, per usual, by putting on his adventure face, shooting the bad guys and escaping danger only the best way he can.  The game makes fine use of the Vita system, and provides hours worth of adventure that sets the course for an epic return in a sequel somewhere down the road.  Maybe even something made by Naughty Dog…?