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Hot on the heels of Tokyo Game Show 2011 are two new trailers for Final Fantasy XIII-2, one for each version of the game. Not only are there two new trailers, but several new details about the game were revealed not only at Tokyo Game Show, but in the build-up to that conference. To watch the new trailers read on.

There's only a month left before gamers trade in their leather belts for fully-equipped utility belts and don a black cape as they take on the role of Batman, and many are already very excited for the upcoming Batman: Arkham City. If being able to roam around a city crawling with thugs and supervillains, then perhaps the New Game + Mode just might do the trick. Rocksteady will be including a new game mode upon completion of the first playthrough that will be even more of a challenge than the original campaign.
One of the big highlights from EA at E3 this year besides Battlefield 3 was Need For Speed The Run. The reason why it stuck out so much was because of the sequences in which the main character gets out of the car continues the race on foot. These moments were controlled via quick time events until the character would then find another car to get into. This caused concern over the thought that this would make up a decent portion of the game, but after getting the chance to play one of the other levels, these flashy out-of-car sequences will only make up a smaller portion of the game.

After waiting twelve years to play Persona 2: Innocent Sin, American Persona fans deserve a little something for their patience, don't you think? Atlus agrees, which is why they've just announced the soundtrack that will accompany the game should fans pre-order it. More info after the jump.

When Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 first came out, there were some pretty questionable omissions in terms of characters on the roster. While Capcom did make room for plenty of newcomers such as Dante and Zero, characters such as Ken and Strider were certainly missed by fans of the series. Luckily for them, one of the series veterans will, in fact, be making his return as Strider Hiryu will be one of the 10 new characters in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. If you aren't a believer just by reading it, check out this gameplay trailer released by Capcom.
Much like the Street Fighter series, Capcom is following the same path of adding more characters to its Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 title by making a brand new edition of the game titled Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. The new release will increase the roster size to a total of 50, adding 12 characters to the roster - 10 brand new characters, as well as Shuma Gorath and Jill Valentine who were available as DLC characters. To follow up the game's reveal at Comic Con, Capcom has released trailers of some of the new characters. The first trailer is of Firebrand, an enemy many people will know from the Ghosts 'N Goblins.
Multiplayer action has been heating up the past few weeks with the release of the Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta. Whether racking up kills on Team Deathmatch or capturing plenty of loot in Plunder, lots of people have enjoyed the game modes offered in anticipation of the game's release this November. One question that gamers have in the case of any online multiplayer is whether or not the game will feature dedicated servers., and on Naughty Dog's Twitter page, that idea has been shot down.
Since the series's inception in the arcades, Ace Combat has been the premier aerial combat game for the last 19 years, although it used to be called Air Combat back in those days. From popping quarters into arcade machines to making its way onto home consoles, the franchise has seen numerous iterations and received critical acclaim along the way. Although it's been known very well for sending players into the danger zone with some of the most popular jet fighters, Ace Combat looks to change the pace a bit by introducing gamers to Black Hawks and other vehicles in the latest title, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.

It's no secret that music is an incredibly important element to many visual narratives, be they television, movies, or video games. However, especially in games, it's often overshadowed by the other elements of the experience. In spite of that, there is some truly incredible video game music out there that deserves to be recognized. Here we search the current generation of gaming for the top five modern game soundtracks.

For those of you who had early access to the Uncharted 3 beta, you'll notice a slight change has occurred. Two game modes went missing - Three Team Deathmatch and Co-Op Arena. Now that we are headed into the second phase of the beta, Naughty Dog is replacing those two game modes with something else. Those new game modes happen to be Team Objective and Co-Op Hunter Arena. If you were already impressed with the beta thus far, these two new modes will do a little more impressing for you!

Twisted Metal is a series near and dear to this gamer’s heart.  It was the first game I ever played on the PlayStation, and it’s also one of the few game franchises that I put more hours in than I have to my personal hygiene.  Between the firefights with friends in the original TM, stalking my brother in Paris (Spectre was his main) in TM2, to the epic four-way dances-of-destruction in Twisted Metal Black, I’ve put more hours into blowing up sports cars with ice cream trucks than time studying for college.  And, quite frankly, what more education do you need than knowing that clowns are even scarier when their head is on fire?  And that paper bags make the best friends in the world?


Uncharted 2’s multiplayer mode didn’t blow anyone away with superbly tight controls or incredible depth. However, it was still a lot of fun and had some of the best looking environments and smoothest animations among multiplayer games. Uncharted 3’s multiplayer offering adds a lot of the depth that is now commonplace in addition to making some interesting and original changes.