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Most "must play" titles are those that cost around $60 price range, or $30, give or take, if we're talking portable games. To be sure, a price tag is a sign that the developer is confident their product is worth your money, but there are a number of small, indie developers who put out free games, and sometimes those games can be just as worthwhile as those you have to pay for. We now take a look at five free games everyone should play.

 Blake Griffin is well known for him winning the 2011 Slam Dunk Contest, jumping over a car to win the title. While he's not tearing it up on the hardwood, he has been begging to get himself into Rage, id Software's latest title. Earlier today, a video was posted on Bethesda's blog, showing just what Blake Griffin had to go through while making a commercial for the game.

Minecraft has essentially become a genre, inspiring a host of games that draw heavily from its mechanics. Terraria is the latest in this genre, but it does things a bit differently. It has a different focus, and functions in two dimensions, rather than three. More importantly, it's just plain fun.


Dark Souls is the spiritual successor to Demon's Souls, the award winning RPG developed by From Software and published by Namco Bandai. Demon's Souls featured a number of gameplay mechanics were also built around the fact that the player would be dying on a regular basis, and even the multiplayer used this aspect. Dark Souls seems to include this as well, and Namco Bandai have put up a new site and trailer, viewable below, which shows of just some of the ways players can expect to die in the game.


 It's been a rough week and a half for PS3 owners with the PSN being down, but the good news is that everything will start getting back up to speed this week. For the time being, you may have been struggling figuring out what to play because you very well may have a lot of titles with multiplayer. No need to worry since that will no longer be the case in a matter of days. But just for fun, I wanted to make up a list of the 5 games that offer the best offline experiences on the PS3. And just to take things further, none of the titles can have multiplayer contained in them. Also, any multiplayer added via DLC does not count as we are looking at the game in its original package minus added content. The only thing that is acceptable is online leaderboards.


Tales of the Abyss originally released for the PS2 in 2006 and received favorable reviews. Namco Bandai recently announced a port of the game for the 3DS. Not only is the game being ported to the 3DS, but Namco Bandai has announced that the 3DS version will see a US release sometime this fall. In anticipation for the release of the game, they have just released a new trailer for the title, available below.


 In 3 weeks, everyone will be putting on their detective badges and travelling back to the 1940s with Rockstar's latest, L.A. Noire. To further build up anticipation of the upcoming release, Rockstar released it's 4th set of screenshots out of 5. This set focuses on showing off another branch of the LAPD that specializes in going in undercover to solve some of the worst crimes occurring in the city.


Megaman Legends is a series with a cult following. In fact, it's so popular, Capcom even released a spin-off game, titled The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. After a long wait, a third game in the Megaman Legends franchise has been announced for the 3DS, and Capcom hopes to build excitement with a downloadable tie-in called Megaman Legends 3: Prototype Version. More info after the jump.



The very first “Halo: Reach” video made its worldwide debut on Saturday during the Spike TV Video Game Awards. Battlestar Gallactica actress Tricia Helfer offered gamers a taste of the much anticipated game by introducing the Halo: Reach world premiere trailer. You can watch the trailer here as well as our interview with Tricia Helfer on the Red Carpet.



We are coming to you live from SpikeTV's Video Game Awards 2009 in Los Angeles with host Jo Garcia, Playboy's 2008 Cybergirl of the Year. She's hot and our coverage will be hot so stay tuned here as we beam to you live video reports from the VGAs as we interview the top developers and, of course, celebrities on the Red Carpet, Backstage and in the Green Room. It all starts at 8pm Eastern Time.