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Videogames have been inspired by books, movies, television shows and celebrities. I-play has released a new game based upon the true-life romance of game designer Cara Ely’s grandparents, Bill and Helen.  The seventh installment in the wildly successful Dream Day series is now available for PC download.  From the war in the Pacific to Paris in the 1950’s, players will follow the journey of Ely’s grandparents as they plan the ultimate 70th anniversary party.


In an industry first, American Express and Zynga have entered into a strategic relationship that allows customers to use Membership Rewards points from American Express to pay for limited edition virtual goods, as well as physical and virtual game cards for Zynga’s games like Farmville, Cafe World and the upcoming Cityville. American Express is the first financial services provider to offer reward redemptions for virtual games.  The relationship will also bring to market unique joint-marketing endeavors and exclusive offers for both company’s membership bases.

In an effort to start conversation and contribute to breast cancer awareness, casual gaming company, Mobile Deluxe, has launched an HD version of its popular philanthropic game Bliss for the iPad and iPhone. Bliss HD allows players to earn in-game points which help Mobile Deluxe reach their goal of donating $10,000 to the Beautiful Day Foundation for breast cancer awareness and education. 
According to a new report from international research firm Parks Associates, nearly one-fifth of active gamers in the U.S. currently spend money on virtual items in popular online games like Farmville, World of Warcraft and Free Realms. The gaming business is undergoing a major shift away from subscription models as virtual items become a larger part of its economy. Parks Associates forecasts this business will reach almost $6 billion in revenues worldwide by 2015.
While game companies like Zynga is charging players real money for virtual items in Facebook games like Farmville and Cafe World, Apps Genius Corp ( has a different take on things. The developer and publisher of social games and software applications has launched a new social game, My Mad Millions for Facebook.  The game challenges players to spend an entire $300 million virtual inheritance by indulging in the excesses of the rich and famous.  Users are rewarded with varying points for accomplishing their digital spending sprees and twice a month, the top 20 percent of active users will reap the rewards offline by sharing in 50 percent of Apps Genius’ game revenue.

 For the past 75 years, people of all ages from around the world have collected $200 when passing “GO!”, anxiously waited to get out of “jail”, and secretly wished that all of the money in the MONOPOLY game could be real. To celebrate this monumental milestone of a cultural icon, Hasbro is celebrating with a series of MONOPOLY-themed events around the world and online on August 25, 2010.


Electronic Arts is bringing a new dimension to MONOPOLY and helping Hasbro celebrate the 75th anniversary of the classic board game. Today, the MONOPOLY brand provides entertainment experiences for players around the world that provide a MONOPOLY experience to fit every lifestyle. This Fall, Hasbro will introduce MONOPOLY: Revolution Edition and the U-BUILD MONOPOLY game. For more information about these new games, please visit Stemming from the strategic alliance between Hasbro and Electronic Arts, EA has created digital versions of the MONOPOLY game which are available for download for mobile phones or free online at The MONOPOLY game will ship for Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3.


While Twilight fans have a new movie in Eclipse, there’s still no console videogame. But Twi-hards may find solace in a new mobile game from GameHouse, a division of RealNetworks, and Summit Entertainment. There are a pair of new mobile games called The Twilight Saga: Memory Quest and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie Game.  


The EA Play Label of Electronic Arts is developing HASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT 3 for release this fall 2010.  The new game will feature a suite of five new digital versions of popular Hasbro game brands for the Wii, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.  HASBRO FAMILY GAME NIGHT 3 will also deliver a new dimension of online play designed to bring friends and family together from living rooms around the world. 


Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Those iconic instructions are going virtual – again – but in a brand new way. The EA Play Label of Electronic Arts is developing MONOPOLY Streets for the Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. The new game will ship this fall along with a classic version of Hasbro’s MONOPOLY for the Nintendo DS.


SAN FRANCISCO -- MySpace announced a new MySpace Games experience that creates a more social gaming environment with new tools and functionality for users and developers. The site, available at, launched today at GDC 2010 in San Francisco. These big steps are an evolution of the MySpace Platform to improve users’ gaming experience with a simple way to discover and share games. It also offers improved application engagement and analytics tools for developers on the MySpace Platform.


PopCap Games, creators of Bejeweled 2 and Peggle, unveiled the results of a survey targeting “social gamers”: Consumers in the U.S. and UK who play games on social networking platforms such as Facebook and MySpace. More than 24% of respondents said they play social games regularly, indicating a total social gamer population of approximately 100 million in America and the United Kingdom alone. And contrary to prevailing stereotypes, the average social gamer is a 43-year old woman.


The Play Label of Electronic Arts announced that its Hasbro-branded video games have sold a combined total of more than eight million units at retail globally. To date, the company has launched 20 different Hasbro brands on 18 major digital platforms since the strategic alliance between EA and Hasbro was formed in August 2007.


In a sign that may indicate a shift for interactive channels in the television landscape, TNS set-top box data measuring daily time spent viewing per set-top box revealed that TAG, the games-on-demand channel, topped 43 other linear channels available through Oceanic Time Warner Cable in Hawaii for the most minutes viewers spent watching.