One of the features that Sony is vehemently trying to take advantage of with the PlayStation Vita is its augmented reality.  This is where you can take a real location and implement some sort of gaming into it, and while others may not get why you’re so excited, the experience in itself is an interesting one.  Sony’s already offering a number of free games that take advantage of this feature, as well as offering the full retail release of Reality Fighters, a brawling game where you can not only take locations and have a fight anywhere, but also create your own.  It’s a great idea, though one that’s sorely lacking in execution.


The Tekken series has been brawling for years now, but over the last few months, Namco Bandai has really been pushing the series hardcore.  Last year’s Tekken Hybrid turned out to be a cool little collection of stuff, including Tekken Tag Tournament HD and a demo for Tekken Tag Tournament 2; and this past week’s release of Street Fighter x Tekken has gone over moderately well with the hardcore crowd.  But let’s not forget the portable front, where Tekken 3D Prime Edition has left a little dent as well.


I always wondered what Spike TV was going to do now that it’s lost its UFC programming to FX Networks.  But now, thanks to my stop at 345 Games’ office during Game Developers Conference, I have a better idea.  The company is actually teaming with Bellator, an MMA fighting group, for new programming in 2013, and to sort of tie in with that, the publishers of the Deadliest Warrior games are working on a new MMA fighter for download on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.


Once upon a time, fighting game giants refused to work with one another, instead competing for attention in the arcades with their own individual products.  But then someone got the crazy notion, “Hey, we should team up our franchises and see what comes up.”  And thus, crossovers was born.  Many companies have done it, including Capcom and SNK with their Capcom vs. SNK games, respectively, and soon Street Fighter x Tekken will be knocking around the streets, set for a release tomorrow.  But are you possibly ready for…Sega versus Tecmo?


Doing a “director’s cut” of a game is nothing new in the game industry.  A lot of companies have come through with Game of the Year editions, featuring extra downloadable content right on the disc or offering a small bonus to those who may have missed out on the game before.  This time, it’s Mortal Kombat’s turn, and one of 2011’s best games, a successful relaunch of a long-running fighting franchise, gets a great package with the Komplete Edition.


Though it would’ve been nice to see a new Guilty Gear game by now, I’m rather overcome by the amount of effort Arc System Works has put into its latest fighting series, BlazBlue.  Sure, there have only been two really complete games to the series, but both of them come with the kind of presentation that resembles an anime being brought to life in a video game, and controls that a true fighting fanatic can certainly appreciate.  To help build the series even further, Arc, along with Aksys Games, has opted to release a portable version of its fighting phenomenon with BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend.


Say what you will about Capcom’s practice of releasing a fighting game, and then releasing an improved version of that game months later, but it’s quite effective, giving them time to add characters that make a difference to fighting fans, or adding the key features that will bring in an even bigger audience.  Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 easily fits into this business pathos, and after creating havoc on consoles a few months back, it’s making its handheld debut on the PlayStation Vita, along with a couple of extra features.  So, is it still good?


Sometimes I feel a little stupid reading over a review I typed a few years ago.  Not because I disagree with my opinion and felt like I wasn’t honest about my thoughts about the game, but mainly because I look at an improved product and wonder, “Man, maybe I should’ve mentioned I wanted this in the earlier product.”  When I reviewed UFC Undisputed 2010 a couple of years ago, I gave it a damn near perfect score, and thought there would be hardly any way to improve upon its fundamentals.  But now here’s UFC Undisputed 3, making me feel like an idiot.  What a way for this fighting champ to step up.


When it released for consoles late last year, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 marked some notable improvements over the original, including better fighting balance, extra modes (Galactus!) and the inclusion of some great new characters, such as Phoenix Wright (doesn't even fight, just shuffles papers and unleashes the ULTIMATE SECRETARY) and Ghost Rider.  Those who may have missed out on it, though, will have another chance to check it out, this time on the portable front, as UMVC 3 is set to arrive this month for PlayStation Vita.


Every Tuesday, Sony brings its PlayStation faithful new content, add-ons for your favorite games, Themes and avatars for your PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. Again another standard week of PSN goods you can get, but for the most part the main draw are going to be demos. Twisted Metal is finally going to hit store shelves and the fans of  the series will be eager to get their hands on the multiplayer demo now available.  


When SoulCalibur IV came out a few years ago for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, some players were disappointed by the series' jump to next-gen, even with the addition of nifty Star Wars characters.  (C'mon, Darth Vader versus Mitsurugi was pretty damn epic.)  But luckily, Namco realizes that some better balancing was needed, and SoulCalibur V brings it in spades, between some great new characters and the kind of multiplayer that will keep you addicted for some time.  It's just a shame that the single player content couldn't really keep up...


The buzz for the upcoming Street Fighter x Tekken crossover brawler continues to grow, as the game slowly but surely moves towards its March release.  But it's looking more and more like the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita versions are the ones to have, thanks to the inclusion of a few exclusive characters.  We already knew about Cole McGrath from the Infamous series before, but tonight, Capcom confirmed two more legendary characters who are joining the party...


When SoulCalibur came out for the Dreamcast just over ten years ago, it defined a new direction for the team at Namco Bandai, one of promise and dedication.  Despite the software that followed over the years, nothing could knock the weapons-based fighter off its perch as the best game to come out for the system.  Fast forward eleven years later, as the company tries to repeat its success by launching the same game on Apple's mobile devices.  Is it just as successful this time around?  Not exactly...and that's probably due to the changes in the market itself.