The term “browser-based game” is not one that typically sits well with gamers. It brings up the repressed fact that there are tons of ignored invites on your Facebook asking you to help plant crops on Farmville, or go hold up a bank in Mafia Wars, or guide a football into the endzone in Return Man. But there is the occasional diamond in the rough, and Drakensang Online certainly shines in comparison to other games you typically play on Chrome, Firefox, or even (*shudders*) Explorer.


Early this year, Bioware’s Mass Effect saga came to five year run. Rest aside the ending; the series is one of the most complete trilogies in video game history. There are two aspects that Mass Effect nails perfectly. The series was first to interweave choices all the way through the third and final installment captivating fans from start to finish. However, you can’t tell a great story if you forget to create the atmosphere for your game to breath in. The music in the game really doses shape Commander Shepard with it having one of the best scores in gaming, but do people notice? Do people look at soundtracks as a whole or as background noise?


Recently, I was lucky to partake in the very first Guild Wars 2 beta and what a thrill it was. I haven’t played the franchise before, but all I have heard were great things and it’s one of the most risking IP’s on the market. Unlike most MMO’s, Guild Wars isn’t a subscription service and depends solely on in game player purchase. Besides the subscription model, the development team at NCSOFT is making a number of key changes to the MMO format that makes it immediately intriguing.


REYKJAVIK -- Thousands of EVE Online fans have converged on the island nation of Iceland located 65 degrees North of the equator and they were in for a treat as CCP Games revealed a lot more about their upcoming console MMOFPS DUST 514. During the DUST 514 keynote speech, CCP developers showed off a "Shock and Awe" style coordinated orbital bombardment of a DUST battlefield by an EVE player in realtime. CCP also showed off the orbital command center and surface command centers which enable communication between the two games as well as the orbital artillery that lets DUST players retaliate against EVE players in orbit. It was an amazing first look at what CCP is envisioning in its innovative EVE and DUST 514 hybrid gameplay. We talked to DUST 514 Executive Producer Brandon Laurino to get more insight and details about DUST 514 in this exclusive video interview.


REYKJAVIK -- CCP Games kicked off EVE Fanfest, its annual fan confab it dubs "Party at the Top of the World" here in Reykjavik, Iceland, the northern most capital in the world, by letting thousands of its adoring fans on hand here in Iceland to see and play DUST 514 for the first time. DUST 514, a first person shooter which CCP calls a MMOFPS that is directly tied to its EVE Online MMO universe, and is CCP's first console game that will launch exclusively on the Sony Playstation 3 later this year. We caught up with David Reid, CCP Games new CMO, to give us some more insight as to what to expect from DUST 514 in this exclusive video interview.


Before I started up Kingdom of Amalur Reckoning, I was completely skeptical about what 38 studios was promising to bring to the table. Even though 38 studios was founded by Curt Schilling, a former Boston Red Sox’s pitcher. It has some impressive talent behind the game, which drew my interest towards the game. Ken Rolston, who is mostly known for being the lead designer for Elder Scrolls “Morrowind” and “Oblivion”. Todd Mcfalane, who was the creator of spawn and lastly R.A Salvatore, who is a well known scifi writer. This trio of talent dose many rights then wrongs, but it lacks a strong identity and the game suffers because of it.


Every Tuesday, Sony brings its PlayStation faithful new content, add-ons for your favorite games, Themes and avatars for your PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. Again another standard week of PSN goods you can get, but for the most part the main draw are going to be demos. Twisted Metal is finally going to hit store shelves and the fans of  the series will be eager to get their hands on the multiplayer demo now available.  


One of the first purchases I ever made when I got the original Xbox along with a couple duke controllers, was a little game developed by Bioware called Knights of the Old Republic. I was only ten years old at the time and it came out during the prequel Star Wars era. That was my first Bioware game and was immediately blown away with how great it was. It had an amazingly crafted storyline, great gameplay and had one of the greatest twists in video gaming history. It set up so many personal milestones for me as it made me into the Star Wars fan I am today.


LOS ANGELES -- Riot Games today announced that over four million people play League of Legends on a daily basis, a 280% increase since Riot Games last announced the size of its League of Legends community in July 2011. With 11.5 million active monthly players and peak concurrency reaching 1.3 million, League of Legends enters its second competitive season as one of the top five PC games in North America and Europe with a registered player base of over 30 million worldwide. “It’s staggering to think about the fact that over a billion games of League of Legends have been played since launch,” said Marc Merrill, co-founder and President of Riot Games. “In 2012, we intend to deliver even more for our growing audience.”


ANAHEIM -- BlizzCon has come to a close but there were lots of new and exciting revealations revealed by Blizzard. On the Starcraft II front, Blizzard developers showed off more from the upcoming expansion Heart of the Swarm as well as new multiplayer units and a preview of Blizzard DOTA. We caught up with Starcraft II Production Designer Chris Sigaty as he gave us a preview in this exclusive video interview after the break.


ANAHEIM -- After the Costume Contest at BlizzCon, comedian Jay Mohr kept the hits coming with the Intel Dance Contest. 31 competitors took the stage with a lot of interesting (and sometimes embarrasing) interpretations of various dances like the Goblin. With names like orc, troll and dwarf, you know this is a BlizzCon dance contest. Check out Mohr introducing the winners with highlights of each winner's dances after the break.