The first person shooter genre is stacked with quality AAA games from various publishers year in and year out. Most of them usually carry strict military tone that resembles the theme carried out thought the game. Offensive Combat is different and takes an entirely different approach. The game doesn’t take it self seriously and that is one of its main attributes.


The idea behind E3 was to showcase the latest and brightest games of 2012, but there are always a few games that disappoint us. Some games on our list made serious changes to their formula, and not for the better. Other games took center stage at E3 when they shouldn’t have. There were many games at E3, but here is our top five list of disappointments.


Once upon a time, we had game consoles that didn’t connect to the Internet, provide online global rankings or even go “above and beyond” when it came to graphics.  This was during the heyday of the Sega Genesis, a console that, from the early 90’s onward, dominated the game universe for some time.  Kudos to Sega for not only making a capable game console, but also a library to back it up, ranging from action games to sports titles to unique fare like Gunstar Heroes and Toejam and Earl.  If you somehow missed out on this generation, don’t fret, because Sega is bringing it to yet another platform.


The cloud gaming folks at OnLive may not have a booth on the show floor, but it's certainly leaving its mark at the Consumer Electronics Show.  It has announced a partnership not only with Google TV, but also with Razer, in an attempt to bring its gaming services to more devices, other than the PC, MicroConsole and, most recently, iOS and Android devices.


Though it has yet to reach the kind of audience that Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are currently enjoying, the OnLive cloud gaming service is on the rise.  Ever since it launched last year, millions of users have been thoroughly investing in the service, playing on both the comfort of their computers and through the offered MicroConsole units (for TV play).  Now, on the verge of OnLive launching for iPad and other iOS devices, the company has moved forward with a launch in the UK -- and several new games coming soon.


This years Comic Con San Diego is packed with dozens of hot shows, some returning and other making their debut appearance. They're coming with cast, crew, sneak peaks, and an Q&A session for fans to get their burning questions answered. Take a break from the demos at gaming booths, and stop by one of the telvision panels! With the final list online, here are just some of the shows (in no particular order) we can't wait to see at Comic Con.

If you want to play video games, you have a choice between 3 consoles or your PC to play them on. However, that all began to change once OnLive was introduced last year. OnLive is a subscription service that allows you to play whatever game you want without the need of actually buying the game. With over 20 publishers supporting the system, OnLive currently holds a library of over 100 games. OnLive has announced at E3 that there will be an OnLive Player App, allowing tablets and other mobile devices to run the same service on-the-go.