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At the 2010 Comic-Con International in San Diego, comics creator and Sony Art Director Mat Broome will be on-hand to showcase the first glimpse at two new innovative projects. The first announcement is of a new creator-owned comic series, following in the footsteps of his last creator-owned series The End League with Rick Remender. Broome's second announcement will be of an innovative online start-up that will bring together the top creative minds of comics, video games, film, television and music. These two projects underscore a revitalized creative effort by Broome that has been years in the making.


Sony Online Entertainment announced its lineup of activities for the weekend of San Diego Comic-Con, July 22-25.  The publisher will feature panels, activities and even a free open house block party at the show, highlighting games DC Universe Online, Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures and Magic: The Gathering – Tactics. 


Gamers can become the next DC Universe legend at Comic Con 2010, joining the ranks of Superman, Batman and the Green Lantern. Next weekend in San Diego, Sony Online Entertainment will host a videogame tournament at its Comic Con booth July 22-25.  Fans will have their chance to become legends in the new online world of DC Universe Online (DCUO), competing for great prizes and a chance to create a character for SOE’s upcoming action MMO, DC Universe Online. 


Having built a solid fan base with its first collaboration, “Star Wars Galaxies,” Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) and LucasArts have teamed up again for another online vid game experience. This one, “Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures” (, is based on Lucasfilm’s hit animated television series that airs on Cartoon Network. The free-to-play game is focused on the growing family online vid game audience.


LOS ANGELES: The free-to-play business model has been a boon for Sony Online Entertainment’s online games, especially with its family-friendly virtual world, Free Realms ( The game publisher announced its 12 millionth registered user just after the kick-off of its in-game virtual Summer Camp.


Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) announced the development of Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures, a free-to-play, action-packed virtual world for fans of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated television series on Cartoon Network. Developed and published by SOE, creators of the critically acclaimed kids’ game, Free Realms, and licensed by LucasArts, in conjunction with Lucasfilm, Clone Wars Adventures will launch online and in retail stores this fall. The new game will make its debut at E3 2010 in Los Angeles June 15-17.


Ever wanted to live the life of an elite agent in the world of international espionage? Thanks to Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), the world of jet-setting super spies and shady operatives comes to Facebook with today’s launch of The Agency: Covert Ops (, the company’s first social action game.


Facebook continues to draw big names from the game industry including Electronic Arts and now Sony Online Entertainment (SOE). SOE has launched its popular turn-based strategy game PoxNora on Facebook. Tapping into its expertise as a preeminent online entertainment company, SOE plans to follow this inaugural Facebook launch of PoxNora with additional games for the Facebook platform based on both existing franchises and new intellectual property.


More than eight million unique users have registered to play Sony Online Entertainment’s Free Realms (, the free-to-play, family-friendly hit online videogame.  Free Realms has steadily increased its player base by continuing to support development of compelling content and shared user experience.  New features, such as Player Housing, have encouraged players to customize and create their own unique definitions of gameplay, while instigated Live World Events and player parties engage the community at large, allowing players to interact, discover and explore.


They may not admit it, but female players of a large online game are more hardcore than men or teenagers, according to a sociologist of virtual worlds. Dmitri Williams, assistant professor at the USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, found several surprises during his study of 7,000 anonymous players of EverQuest II.


We are coming to you live from SpikeTV's Video Game Awards 2009 in Los Angeles with host Jo Garcia, Playboy's 2008 Cybergirl of the Year. She's hot and our coverage will be hot so stay tuned here as we beam to you live video reports from the VGAs as we interview the top developers and, of course, celebrities on the Red Carpet, Backstage and in the Green Room. It all starts at 8pm Eastern Time.


LAS VEGAS – Sony Online Entertainment set up shop at a two-story sky suite at the MGM Hotel and Casino during the 2009 International Consumer Electronic Show to show off Free Reams, a family-friendly massively multiplayer online (MMO) game that will debut on PC in Q2 2009 and then migrate to PlayStation 3 via PlayStation Network. Laura Lynn McWilliams, creative director of Free Reams at SOE, took some time to talk about the PS3 version of this new whimsical, mainstream take on MMO gaming.