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You’ve seen the first trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops II, right?  The one where our own drones are turned against us in the face of a new enemy and plenty of chaos happening around Los Angeles?  Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Recently, Activision invited us to a pre-E3 event, where it showed off the first gameplay footage, a good ten minutes worth of tense future action.  And we can tell you right now – Treyarch hasn’t lost a step between the first game and the second.  In fact, it’s learned quite a bit with the tweaks it’s made to the familiar Infinity Ward tech.


PopCap Games is on a roll, aren’t they?  It seems no matter what they release as of late, it’s destined to suck up hours of your time without any hesitation.  That’s the way it was with Peggle, Bejeweled, Plants vs. Zombies, etc. etc.  But one of the earlier games they got started with, Zuma, remains just as fresh as the day it came out, thanks to sharp ball-shooting physics and diverse levels.  So when we caught wind that the company was releasing a sequel, Zuma’s Revenge HD, for iOS devices, we – ahem – jumped at the chance to check it out.


When Konami released Metal Gear Solid HD Collection over the holiday season, I was thrilled by the treatment they gave the classic games.  Sure, there was no sign of Metal Gear Solid, the game that started it all, but the other three – namely Peace Walker – were given the kind of respective revamping they truly deserved.  It made me excited for collections to come, particularly Zone of the Enders Collection, which is coming later this year.  In the meantime, here’s Silent Hill HD Collection, a game that brings back two of the more popular chapters in the series, redone for today’s gaming consoles.  While it’s sure to attract fans of survival horror, we can’t help but think that the scares are coming from the wrong place.


Last week’s announcement of a new iPad didn’t really surprise anyone, did it?  We knew that that Apple would announce a device that would FINALLY take advantage of a retina display.  We knew that it would have high definition possibilities.  And we called the new camera too, natch.  But what we didn’t know was that Chair Entertainment, the company behind the Infinity Blade games, had a killer app waiting in the wings.  Guess it’s nice to have one surprise waiting for us.


Am I the only one who truly appreciated the maniacal genius that David Jaffe and his team brought to Twisted Metal Black like a decade ago?  Sure, the storyline was much more twisted, and the darker M-rated approach was quite the jolt for those who expected something along the lines of the original PS One games, but I thought it was a change for the better, with a lot more at stake and concentrated car combat like only Jaffe can provide.  I’m sure there are fans out there who appreciate it as much as I do, and they’re the probably the ones who will get a kick out of the reboot that just arrived on PlayStation 3.


What is it with old-school arcade revivals this year?  First The Simpsons Arcade Game made a comeback on both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, entertaining a whole new generation of gamers without the need to break out a roll of quarters.  Now THQ is hitting the wrestling ring with a remake of WWE Wrestlefest, a game that originally body slammed into arcades back in ’91 under Technos’ direction.  And just like it did back then, Wrestlefest promises to be button-mashing fun.


Well over a year after its release on the market, the Kinect motion device is really growing into its own for Xbox 360 users, not only with a few family-related efforts (Kinect Sports, Dance Central) but also a decent amount of games dedicated to the "hardcore" crowd (Child of Eden, Rise of Nightmares).  But there's not too much of a market for downloadable Kinect games as of yet, though Fruit Ninja Kinect is doing fairly well.  Maybe that'll change once people see how good the haunted house adventure game Haunt is.  Maybe.


When SoulCalibur came out for the Dreamcast just over ten years ago, it defined a new direction for the team at Namco Bandai, one of promise and dedication.  Despite the software that followed over the years, nothing could knock the weapons-based fighter off its perch as the best game to come out for the system.  Fast forward eleven years later, as the company tries to repeat its success by launching the same game on Apple's mobile devices.  Is it just as successful this time around?  Not exactly...and that's probably due to the changes in the market itself.


It's great to see that a lot of our classic favorites from yesteryear are finding a new life on the digital front, through App Store downloads for the iPad and iPhone.  We've already experienced such games as the Dragon's Lair series, Atari's Greatest Hits, and others, and Taito has been contributing with its own fair share of classics.  Their latest brings back the old Sega Saturn shooter Galactic Attack, also known overseas and in the App Store as Rayforce.  It brings back a much-needed dose of old school to the market...though it does so at a tremendous price.


The Twisted Metal franchise is practically an institution for Sony Computer Entertainment of America.  The series launched with the original PlayStation and has since seen several sequels, including the memorable Twisted Metal 2: World Tour and the dark yet decadent Twisted Metal Black on PlayStation 2.  On February 14th, the series returns, this time making its debut on the PlayStation 3 and bringing its most comprehensive features to date.  You ready to go for a ride?


The bitter break-up between Rock Band developer Harmonix and the game's publishing arm at Viacom has been a messy one.  Following the somewhat expensive development of The Beatles Rock Band (due to licensing) and the release of Rock Band 3, Viacom unceremoniously dumped the developer, who purchased themselves back for $50.  Ever since, the companies have been battling back and forth over payments due over the series' release and royalties.  But it looks like the final decision could be leaning in Harmonix's favor...


A few weeks back, Capcom confirmed what most of the Internet already know (thanks to some unexpected leaks of information), that a Devil May Cry HD Collection was in the works for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  But up until this point, we only knew that it was coming sometime in 2012.  Well, today, Capcom not only confirmed the official release date, but also details as to what players can expect.


The development team at Cave have found an awesome new venue for its quirky game library -- Apple devices.  It's released a handful of shooter and action games thus far, including Deathsmiles, Dodonpachi Resurrection and Espgaluda 2, and for a price that wouldn't cost you an arm and a leg to boot (unlike the region free Xbox 360 games).  Those shooters have created a new market for the team, so they're still pumping out games for it.  This week, another "shmup" joins the pack, Mushihimesama -- also known as the easier-to-pronounce Bug Princess.


When it came out earlier this year, DiRT 3 really defined what rally racing in video games should be all about.  Chock full of dozens of events, online interaction and some of the best presentation ever packed into a driving game, it really did quite well for Codemasters.  So, of course, the company is looking to capitalize with yet another entry in the series.  But DiRT 4 this ain't -- it's time for a showdown.


When it debuted for the PlayStation Network a couple of years back, Zen Pinball introduced a great service to pinball fans everywhere, as well as casual players.  It also showed that Zen Studios hasn't lost its touch when it comes to making great pinball games, which they still prove today with new Marvel-licensed and regular tables for both Zen and Pinball FX 2 on Xbox Live Arcade.  Now they've taken their flipping act to the mobile front, as Zen Pinball makes its debut on the App Store for iPad and iPhone.


Sega's attempts to bring back Sonic the Hedgehog in a whole new light have been bungled at best.  Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 was all right, but a bit too short considering its $15 price tag and large amount of hype.  The original Sonic the Hedgehog rebirth was unquestionably bad, due to poor platforming segments and a rather questionable relationship with a human girl.  And Sonic Unleashed didn't do the brand any favors, thanks to an annoying new character and Sonic's poor Were-hog stages.  But now, this year, it looks like Sega's finally getting it right, simply by going back to basics.


My Player has grown into one of the most fundamental features in the NBA 2K series over the years, allowing you to enter the sport the way you want and eventually creating a legend in the process.  This year has a few new features, and you’ll definitely relate to them like you would the real sport – well, if there was a real sport this year anyway.


When Dead Space 2 came out earlier this year, we were amazed by Visceral Games' progress on the franchise, with haunting environments and plenty of shocking surprises awaiting us.  We knew that Isaac Clarke's adventure would (eventually) continue, but now it looks like it's confirmed, as an IGN report indicates that Dead Space 3 is happening.


Mention Felicia Day to any sort of geek crowd and people usually go nuts.  That's because she's appeared in a number of productions over the years, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Eureka, and her popular MMO-comedy web series The Guild, solidifying her status as an up-and-coming superstar.  Well, you can add one more piece to her resume, as Bioware has announced a new downloadable chapter for Dragon Age II that will feature her -- well, a character she plays, anyway -- as the main character.


When Crysis 2 came out earlier this year for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, it actually sold quite well for EA and Crytek, and proved that the series could perform on the right kind of level for console gamers.  It left a few people wondering, though, whether the original Crysis would ever get a shot at a release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  Well, it's finally coming, as the companies announced through that the game would be coming out next month as a digital download for both systems.


The upcoming Tekken Hybrid package for PlayStation 3, due this November, is looking pretty sweet.  Along with the new animated Tekken: Blood Vengeance movie (in 3-D, no less) and a high-definition version of the classic Tekken Tag Tournament HD, the game will also include a nifty little extra -- a playable taste of the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2.


Uncharted 2’s multiplayer mode didn’t blow anyone away with superbly tight controls or incredible depth. However, it was still a lot of fun and had some of the best looking environments and smoothest animations among multiplayer games. Uncharted 3’s multiplayer offering adds a lot of the depth that is now commonplace in addition to making some interesting and original changes.