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Hot Shots Golf has been around for a number of years, getting its start on the PS One with the Mario Golf developers at Camelot bringing its cartoony world to life.  Since that time, a number of sequels have helped the series thrive, thanks to the development takeover at Clap Hanz.  They really know how a casual game of golf is supposed to play, with a simple swing meter, "cute" characters that players can easily identify with (Tiger who?) and breathtaking courses to play on, which will challenge your golfing skills to the max.  Next month, the series makes its return with Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational on the PS Vita, and fans should be thrilled by its arrival.

Even if you aren't at home, there are still plenty of ways to play some video games while on the go. Handheld systems really made a name for themselves mainly due to the Nintendo Game Boy, selling millions of units worlwide. Jump the calendar up over a decade and now you have a combination of handheld systems and mobile phones that are capable of playing games. While the mobile market has been rapidly increasing in size, Sony has a device they believe is capable of succeeding in the PS Vita. Though that battle will play out for a long time, one thing that is certain is that the Vita is quite an impressive device.
For about the last month and a half, Sony has been all over the news and in many blogs posts due to the PSN outage. It was a troubling time for the company, but they managed to overcome the obstacle in the end and get things back to the way that they should be. Now, Sony will be featured in the news with the announcement of the PS Vita at their E3 press conference. Along with the new hardware, Sony also detailed plans for a new 3D TV lineup set to come out this fall.

 Yesterday, we took a look at Microsoft and what they will have in store for us at this year's E3. From what it looks like, this year will focus on software for the XBox 360, as well as possible details on a new console. It's a bit of a different story for Sony. Sony is giving another try at handheld gaming with the NGP, a console that they claim brings the experience of the PS3 on the go. They have already shown off the console this year, but at E3 Sony will most likely release all of the specs of the system, as well as set a date for release and pricing of the system. Will the NGP be able to hold a candle to the 3DS?

NEW YORK – In an announcement that was widely expected and highly anticipated, Verizon Wireless announced at its New York press conference on Tuesday that it will begin selling Apple's iPhone in early February, ending AT&T's four-year run as the phone's exclusive carrier.

Las Vegas (CES) -- Research In Motion (RIM) and Sprint announced the launch of the new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet device, RIM's first tablet device which will take advatage of Sprint's 4G WiMax and 3G EVDO Rev. A CDMA mobile networks. The BlackBerry 4G PlayBook will be the first BlackBerry PlayBook model to include wide area wireless connectivity, featuring Sprint 4G and is expected to be available from Sprint in the summer.


LAS VEGAS (CES) – Sprint today announced the long rumored EVO Shift 4G Android-based smartphone by HTC here a few days before the start of CES. The biggest news with the Shift is the slide out keyboard with its rather large 3.6-inch 800 x 480 LCD display. The Shift runs on Sprint’s 4G WiMAX network with speeds of up to 10 megabits per second as well as its EVDO Rev. A 3G CDMA network. With the 3G phone wars heating up, Sprint claims the EVO Shift 4G will be the cheapest 4G smartphone available for $149.99 after a $100 rebate on a two-year contract.


LAS VEGAS (CES) – Sprint today announced the MiFI 3G/4G mobile hotspot by Novatel a few days ahead of the big CES show. The MiFi personal hotspot device runs on Sprint’s 4G WiMax network with speeds up to 10 megabits per second as well as its EVDO Rev. A 3D CDMA networks when 4G is not available. Sprint claims the new MiFi device will have a long battery life with four hours of active use and 60 hours standby use. Bhe MiFi also features a display for checking the status of the device. The MiFi will be available on February 27th for $50 with a two-year contract from Sprint.


BlackBerry owners who feel left out of the smartphone party recently dominated by iPhone and Android can now rejoice, your phone is here. The Blackberry Torch, also known as the Bold 9800, represents Research In Motion’s (RIM) latest attempt to attract more consumer users and is the first RIM phone to feature their latest Blackberry OS 6, with a revamped user interface and a ton of new features.


Sprint’s EVO 4G Android smartphone by HTC is the first Android smartphone from a major carrier to get the long awaited version 2.2 (Froyo) of the Android mobile OS from Google. Among the main features of the new version is support for the Adobe Flash 10.1 mobile player giving the EVO 4G the ability to browse websites with Flash videos, animations and/or graphics. Adobe, having been shunned by Steve Jobs and Apple, has made a great effort to get cozy with Google and its Android OS using it as its launch platform for its Flash mobile initiatives.


The Sprint 3G/4G USB 250U mobile broadband modem, which is identical to it CLEAR Internet + cousin, is Sprint’s latest mobile broadband modem offering. Made by Sierra Wireless, the modem takes advantage of Sprint’s 4G WiMAX network for speeds up to ten times faster than 3G, Sprint claims. That’s assuming you are in an area with 4G service, which currently includes over 60 cities such as Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Portland, Kansas City, Seattle, Charlotte, etc. However, if you are in New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco, you are out of luck, at least when it comes to 4G service, though you will still get 3G EVDO Rev A. data service in any location that 4G service isn’t available. This should change soon as Sprint says that these cities along with many others will be added by the end of 2010.



SAN FRANCISCO, California – After a lot of hype, Steve Jobs officially introduced the iPad today at its "Latest Creation" event here in San Francisco with a price point starting at $499. Calling Apple a mobile company and the new iPad the middle product between the iPhone and the MacBook in its mobile lineup, Steve Jobs showed off the iPad with what looked like a modified iPhone interface that was adapted for the bigger iPad screen.