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The Simpsons is a license that’s seen its fair share of good games and bad in this industry.  On the bright side, we’ve gotten a few unforgettable gems, like The Simpsons Arcade Game, the enjoyable Simpsons Hit & Run, and the somewhat tolerable Bart vs. the Space Mutants, a game that made up for its control issues with genuine tone from the show.  But for every tolerable product that came out, we also got a mess that was hard to comprehend, let alone play, thanks to a bad concept or a generally bad game design. Talk about having a cow, man...


Gotta love it when you see rumors leading up to the release of a big title, but without confirmation from the company that's releasing said title, and then they come out of nowhere and release it anyway, and the audience remains just as thrilled as they would be if it was announced.  Konami, you sneaky devils.  Anyway, after 21 years of being stuck strictly in arcades (we'll forget the crappy PC port exists), The Simpsons Arcade Game has finally gotten a home release for digital download.  And as expected, it's been worth the wait.


If there's a company that has proven that old-school games do big business, it's Konami.  A few years back, it brought back the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game to Xbox Live, attracting a whole new crowd to the old-school beat-em-up antics, complete with online play.  And last year, it continued to capitalize on such success with the enjoyable X-Men: The Arcade Game.  Next week, it'll be back once more with the long-overdue -- and highly requested -- The Simpsons Arcade.  And yes, it's officially coming, at least from what Sony says.


We're seeing a wide variety of classic games getting re-releases on the downloadable front, including Beyond Good and Evil HD, the upcoming Oddworld Stranger's Wrath, and Sega's Guardian Heroes, among others.  But the game that really led the charge was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for Xbox Live Arcade, and it left fans wanting more four-player beat-em-up goodness.  We did get X-Men: The Arcade Game a while back, but more is needed.  And according to an Australian ratings board confirmation, more is just what we'll get.  With Homer Simpson, no less.