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The original Torchlight was a shining beacon in a sea of samey dungeon crawlers for those looking for a suitable Diablo replacement. It provided an alternative to the deeper, darker recesses of Blizzard's triumphant cult classic while still serving up the same addictive looting and monster-crushing goodness we quickly became used to with the various dungeons and catacombs of yesteryear.


Capcom’s “Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collection” celebrates the silver anniversary of the successful fighting franchise. Packed with games, DLC, Blu-Rays, and exclusive collectables, the set is impressive but will it please the hardcore “Street Fighter” fanatics? 


DUST 514 is a free to play massively online FPS produced by CCP Games in their Shanghai studio. The game is only at the Beta stage but can be played on the PSN already. Taking place in the EVE universe and rich of its very large background history, vast star systems and millions of player controlling thousands of corporations and other pirate clans, DUST has a lot to answer for as the expectations of many, could not be higher.


A dark cloud had been hovered over the cloud gaming pioneer OnLive all day Friday as it was on death watch after reports that employees were leaving in mass with boxes in tow in the company's parking lot as the company was rumored to be prepping for a bankruptcy filing. Then late Friday, the company issued a statement announcing the sale of its assets to an unnamed buyer that would continue the cloud gaming service. We talked to CEO and Founder Steve Perlmean in happier times as he talks about OnLive's products and mission in this exclusive video interview.


Who hasn't fantasized about less-than-likely Sony character crossovers? Who hasn't envisioned a knock-down, drag-out battle to the death between iconic PlayStation mainstays at a time? Those might sound like bizarre gaming fantasies, but at least a few of us have sat and pondered how such a game might pan out.


Back in 2010, Activision was publishing True Crime: Hong Kong and after two years of development, the project was canceled. Saved from the ashes, Square Enix swooped in to save the title renaming it Sleeping Dogs. The kung Fue martial arts open world sandbox game does many things right, but it stumbles hurts the game’s core ideas. Did Activision commit a True Crime?   


The first person shooter genre is stacked with quality AAA games from various publishers year in and year out. Most of them usually carry strict military tone that resembles the theme carried out thought the game. Offensive Combat is different and takes an entirely different approach. The game doesn’t take it self seriously and that is one of its main attributes.



If you know me I have been a long time college football fan, making every college game day a tradition like no other. Watching the Cal Bears run out of Memorial stadium on television or at the game has been a ritual on Saturdays and NCAA 13 enhances that. The franchise gets the college experience down to a tie and provides much more than a simple roster update.


A couple of months ago, an event took place in Colorado called Pinball Showdown, allowing pinball fans and makers of all ages to get together and celebrate the arcade format the only way they know how – through a celebration of flippers.  Various manufacturers attended the event, including Gary Stern, of Stern Pinball fame.  He was there to show off the company’s latest accomplishment for arcades, a pinball featuring the appearance and music of popular rock band AC/DC.


A couple of months ago in Denver, Colorado, an event called the Pinball Showdown was held, and pinball makers and fans of all types got together to celebrate the machines of old, as well as new ones coming from manufacturers.  Along with Stern’s AC/DC pinball machine (and the recently announced X-Men), Jersey Jack Pinball brought details on its debut effort, one based on the cinematic classic The Wizard of Oz.  We managed to talk with the founder of the company, “Jersey Jack” himself, Jack Guarnieri, about what to expect from the table.


When the development team at Beenox took control of the Spider-Man franchise for Activision, little did we know that they’d be able to do so much with it.  Shattered Dimensions, which released a couple of years ago, came out of nowhere, introducing four different Spider-Men types and plenty of fast-paced action for players of all types to enjoy.  Last year’s release, Edge of Time, wasn’t nearly as successful, whittling playable characters down to two, but it was still quite engaging, and backed by an interesting time-travel storyline.  But, honestly, a lot of players were wondering, “When will the Spidey games go back to the ‘swing through New York’ formula as we remember them?”  Well, wonder no more, because here’s The Amazing Spider-Man.


The Samsung Galaxy S III started shipping this week in the US and we took a deeper look at 4.8-inch screen sized Android beauty. Samsung has been on a tear lately with its Android phones, outselling even Apple and its venerable iPhones with over 50 million Galaxy S2s sold. With the new Galaxy S III, Samsung seems to continue its momentum with company claims of over 10 million pre-orders of the phone before the Galaxy S III has even shipped. Samsung triumphantly unveiled the phone this week in New York to the US public and press for the first time and we were able to get our hands on one. Here's our review of the Samsung Galaxy S III Android smartphone.


Nintendo’s 3DS system got off to a bad start when it released last year, with a mostly lackluster launch line-up and lack of features for the system.  But now, finally, it seems to have gained its footing with some stellar game releases, including The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land, amongst others.  And while its showing at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo wasn’t the greatest, there are still some great games to look forward to.


When Men In Black III came out a few weeks ago, I actually thought it was a fairly good sequel, especially considering how abysmal Men In Black II was when it came out ten years ago.  Was it a sequel we really needed?  Nah, but it was certainly welcome, especially with the time travel gimmick.  But we can’t help but wonder where that ingenuity went when it came to the sub-licensed game Men In Black: Alien Crisis.  Because, honestly, there’s just no fixing this mess.


While Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and Spider-Man are great games in their own right (and proof that Beenox has a heck of a track record), there’s this inescapable thought that the games feel “closed in”, without giving Spidey too much room to roam around.  It’s a change of pace from what we were able to do with him in Treyarch’s movie-licensed Spider-Man games.  Again, they’re not bad at all, but some of you have been clamoring for a return to the “go anywhere, do anything” style.  Well, later this month you’ll be getting just that with The Amazing Spider-Man.  And Activision recently invited us down to go hands-on with him.


E3 should be a week of great new game reveals, as well as technology that’s likely to push the industry forward into the great unknown.  But it can also be about surprise companies popping out of nowhere with new projects.  Robert Bowling already proved this with his company’s upcoming project, and now Epic Games has made the ultimate acquisition for a new work place – say hello to Epic Baltimore.


Normally we don't cover the movie industry here, but when we do it's always game related. Recently DreamWorks Entertainment successfully won the Licensing rights and have found themselves behind the wheel distribute the big- screen version of Electronic Arts’ street racing series, Need For Speed. No word yet on the actors who are going to featured in the upcoming film, but we are starting to get a better idea how the movie will shape up.


The Simpsons is a license that’s seen its fair share of good games and bad in this industry.  On the bright side, we’ve gotten a few unforgettable gems, like The Simpsons Arcade Game, the enjoyable Simpsons Hit & Run, and the somewhat tolerable Bart vs. the Space Mutants, a game that made up for its control issues with genuine tone from the show.  But for every tolerable product that came out, we also got a mess that was hard to comprehend, let alone play, thanks to a bad concept or a generally bad game design. Talk about having a cow, man...


Since its release over the past few months on both mobile platforms and consoles, The Pinball Arcade has become a popular release with both pinball fans and newcomers alike, as the development team at Farsight Studios has managed to perfectly recreate some of the more popular tables out there for digital play, including Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! and most recently, Funhouse and Bride of Pin-bot, which are coming to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network next month.


If you like baseball video games, chances are you’re doing one of two things right now.  You’re either heavily investing yourself in Sony’s dominating simulator MLB 12: The Show on PlayStation Vita or PS3, or you’re playing 2K Sports’ Major League Baseball 2K12, which actually fared pretty well considering how the series has been in a bit of a (pardon the pun) slide here.  But it looks like the competition may be whittled down, as 2K is considering letting its deal with MLB expire in 2013, though that wasn’t officially announced.


Poor Max Payne.  All the painkillers and alcohol in the world just can’t seem to wipe away the memories of his slain family, nor the troublesome situations he lands in with enemies who want him dead.  So, of course, he’ll jump at the chance to take up private work elsewhere, offered by his cohort Passos, who provides him a gig where he provides protection for a real estate tycoon.  But it isn’t long before trouble sets in with a Brazilian drug trading gang snatching the tycoon’s wife, Fabiana, and Max has to do what he does best.  And so begins the long-awaited Max Payne 3, which easily lives up to the first two games…and stands as another fine accomplishment by the team at Rockstar Games.


With The Amazing Spider-Man set to hit Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in a matter of weeks, Activision will be introducing the best of both worlds when it comes to the web slinger’s gaming adventures.  On the one hand, the development team at Beenox is handling the game, and you already know about the work they did on Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time.  On the other, they’re going with the open level design that worked so well in previous Spider-Man games before that.  You can’t lose.


It’d be interesting to talk to the executive who green-lit a big $200 million budgeted film “loosely” based on the Hasbro board game Battleship…especially considering it’s bombing something fierce this weekend against the mighty Avengers movie.  (We’re not that surprised – it sucks horribly.)  For that matter, we’re trying to figure out why Activision, of all people, would jump at the chance to make a game based on the movie based on the board game.  No matter – like most movie-licensed fare, it doesn’t really get anywhere.