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The announcement was so traumatic that every Star Wars fan in the galaxy felt a disturbance in the Force. It hurt more than the destruction of Alderaan and getting your hand sliced off combined. Electronic Arts had shut down Pandemic Studios, meaning there would be no Battlefront III.


Electronic Arts never fails to showcase a strong array of third-party titles for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, as well as other consoles each year they attend E3.  Last year was a huge highlight between such games as SSX and Mass Effect 3, but what does the company have to lean on this year?  Well, besides big sports hits like Madden NFL 13 and the upcoming Overstrike from Insomniac Games, we’ve got a few ideas as to what the company should officially announce at the show.  With that, here are our suggestions…


When Mass Effect 3 came out, fans were thrilled to get their hands on it.  However, some people who had gotten through the game weren’t exactly pleased with the ending that they had gotten.  While some people (like myself) understood the closure that was provided, others felt that they were somewhat cheated, and went to all sorts of action to get the matter resolved, including starting a fund to get Bioware to produce a new ending.  Well, wish granted – whether you wanted a new conclusion or not, you’re getting one, as Bioware and Electronic Arts have announced Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut, coming your way this summer.



Fans of soccer, soccer video games, and FIFA especially should be excited for FIFA Street. Excited not just for the game, but for the page turned by its parent franchise—the exaggerated style of past iterations has been put on the shelf in favor of sober depiction, though that isn't where the game pans out as a great sports experience.


“All good things must come to an end.”  It’s a quote that resonates in pretty much anything, including sports streaks, careers and life itself.  And it also resonates with story arcs in video games.  We’ve seen several conclusive chapters over the years that have wrapped up sagas either in style (Gears of War 3, Uncharted 3) or disappointment (Resistance 3…seriously), but it just goes to show that developers are ready to move on to the next thing.  But there’s something bittersweet about seeing the end come in Mass Effect 3.  The first two games have been so great – especially part two, which some of us are still playing – that it’s just hard to imagine life without dealing with some new adventures of Commander Shepard.  Still, outside of DLC, Bioware is pretty much done with this story.  And what a way to go.


Game Developers Conference 2012 is just about to kick off here in San Francisco, but Electronic Arts started the party off right last night with a private event.  Not only did the company show off some promising new maps for Battlefield 3, but it also stunned the audience with the first official gameplay footage from Medal of Honor: Warfighter, which wages war on store shelves this October.


There’s a reason Electronic Arts dropped a billion or so dollars into PopCap Games when they acquired them last year.  This development team single-handedly makes some of the most addictive games on the planet, ranging from the ball-dropping Peggle to the gem-switching Bejeweled to the shooting madness of Heavy Weapon.  There’s literally something for everyone.  Even Plants vs. Zombies, a game that sounds incredibly farfetched in concept, works oh so well, no matter what platform it’s on.  And this logic holds true to the PlayStation Vita version, which is as fun as any of the others.


There’s no question we’re on a fever pitch for the new Marvel’s The Avengers film.  How could you not be?  Between Robert Downey Jr. doing his slick Iron Man thing, Samuel L. Jackson playing the baddest Nick Fury on the planet, and the return of the Hulk (and not the Ed Norton Hulk), it’s crazy how much anticipation is going into it.  Which leads us to wonder…why is there not an Avengers video game that ties in with the film?

Yesterday, EA released a new trailer for Mass Effect 3, and if that wasn't enough, released an extended version of the trailer earlier today. Amongst all of the trailers, a little bit of news snuck in regarding the highly-anticipated 3rd entry in the franchise. On March 6, PS3 owners will have the option of buying the game on Blu-ray or download it directly to their console.
No matter what we may do to try to prevent something from happening, sometimes there is just nothing we can do. Commander Shepard has put so much effort into fighting off the Reapers, even going so far as having to be resurrected for round 2. However, it is only a matter of time before the inevitable will happen, and gamers will put their best efforts forth in preventing the universe from being taken over by them. To give us a glimpse of just what this final battle will look like, EA has released this new trailer for the upcoming Mass Effect 3.

If you’re a fan of Valve games, then you’re probably pretty loyal to their brand.  However, it never hurts to stray out there and find something equally inspired by their lunacy.  In this case, Warp, a game made by Trapdoor Interactive and published by Electronic Arts, the first of Microsoft’s four-game House Party group.  It definitely has its moments of lunacy, though some of them may be too much for amateur players to bear.


Razer is a manufacturer that’s never shied away from making quality technology, and it certainly knows how to work with game companies in partnerships, like LucasArts with Star Wars: The Old Republic and Electronic Arts with Battlefield 3 and Dragon Age: Origins.  But this latest deal with not only EA but also Bioware could pay off, as they’re working with the companies on exclusive goods featuring the Mass Effect 3 brand.  If you ever wanted to feel like you’re controlling Commander Shepard, these are must-haves.


And you thought 2011 was the year of the sequel.  Well, get ready for another round, because 2012 is already going to bring several new entries in familiar series, including Transformers, Spider-Man, Call of Duty and Assassin's Creed.  And now, thanks to the UK retailer GAME, it looks like two more are on the way from Electronic Arts.


Every year, Microsoft has a gaggle of Xbox Live Arcade titles held aside as part of a Block Party promotion, to entice subscribers to take part in some of the better downloadable titles out there.  It's been doing this for the past few years, and this morning, it continued to buck the trend with the announcement of XBLA House Party 2012, which includes what could very well be the best titles in the promotion to date -- including the long-awaited I Am Alive from Ubisoft.


Up until about late last year, basketball fans were worried that the NBA lockout, which lasted about half a year, was going to doom the forthcoming season.  However, following a last second meeting, both sides eventually came to an agreement, and though we've got a shorter season than expected, NBA games have finally returned.  And 2K Sports is tributing the return of the players, coaches and everyone else with their own special video, comprised of clips from its hit basketball game NBA 2K12.


One of the first purchases I ever made when I got the original Xbox along with a couple duke controllers, was a little game developed by Bioware called Knights of the Old Republic. I was only ten years old at the time and it came out during the prequel Star Wars era. That was my first Bioware game and was immediately blown away with how great it was. It had an amazingly crafted storyline, great gameplay and had one of the greatest twists in video gaming history. It set up so many personal milestones for me as it made me into the Star Wars fan I am today.


When we got our hands on Need For Speed: The Run on consoles, we were impressed by its cross-country race set-up and its exciting moments, though we were frustrated by the inclusion of lame-ass quick-time events when you got out of the car.  Oddly enough, the 3DS version of The Run has similar setbacks.  When you’re racing, there’s really quite nothing like it.  But it’s the unnecessary extras stacked on top that get in the way of truly enjoying the ride.


Bioware's Mass Effect 3 is still just over three months away from release, but already it's being considered one of the biggest games of 2012, an epic conclusion to the saga of Commander Shepard.  And to commemorate the release, the company, alongside Electronic Arts, is prepping a collector's edition that many will consider a must-have.  No, really, put your money down now...


For the past few weeks, I’ve been going on for a bit about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, while occasionally taking jabs at Battlefield 3.  Yeah, EA’s press treatment hasn’t been the most favorable regarding this game (they basically denied some smaller outlets, even the ones they invited to events) while Activision has taken care of anyone and everyone with their product.  But when we get down to the good and gritty, the games should take primary focus.  So, with that, I took some devoted time to sit down with Battlefield 3 to see how it turned out.  And despite a few hiccups, it’s a mighty war machine.


Apples To Apples is probably one of the best board games out there, a zany game where you're given an adjective (or the opposite of said adjective) and then given the chance to find a card in your hand with a description that best matches it -- or gets a few laughs, anyway.  It's been entertaining us for years, and now THQ is attempting to capitalize on that success with a video game version, coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network this holiday, with mobile versions to follow.


So there's no question that the Modern Warfare 3-favored article I wrote yesterday turned a few heads -- and angered a few fanboys.  A lot of people felt that what I posted wasn't "the work of a journalist" (that one had me snickering) and that Battlefield would weather the storm.  Well, surprise, guys, today we have a few reasons why Battlefield could, in fact, weather the storm and turn out to be a pretty good shooter when it releases this week.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is still just over two weeks from release, but it's already considered one of the most highly anticipated games this holiday season -- even if EA's trying to steal a little bit of that thunder with Battlefield 3.  But Activision's making all the right decisions on this game, and we explain why it's going to be an unstoppable juggernaut once November 8th rolls around...