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If you went ahead and looked at the release schedule for 2012, you would notice that the entire year follows one particular theme - comeback. Franchises that haven't seen the light of day for years or even entire genres are making their way back for at least one more foray before this console generation concludes. We've already seen Twisted Metal bring the car combat genre into the fray, and even today marks the return of SSX. While it is nice to see these games come back after a long hiatus, there are other genres that could also use a comeback of their own.

Every Tuesday, Sony brings its Playstation faithful new content, add-ons for your favorite games, Themes and avatars for your PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. This week on PSN, Final Fantasy fans are in for a real treat with new and old content hitting the marketplace.


Hot on the heels of Tokyo Game Show 2011 are two new trailers for Final Fantasy XIII-2, one for each version of the game. Not only are there two new trailers, but several new details about the game were revealed not only at Tokyo Game Show, but in the build-up to that conference. To watch the new trailers read on.


Final Fantasy may be the best known and most beloved Japanese RPG series out there. It certainly seems to be the first name to come to mind when people consider the genre. There's certainly no doubt that Final Fantasy Type-0, the next Final Fantasy title to be released for the PSP, is a game many fans of the genre and the franchise are looking forward to. If you've been wondering what to expect, you're in luck because we have our hands-on impressions after getting some time with the newly available Japanese demo.


Tokyo Game Show, which is best described as the Japanese equivalent of E3, is a big yearly event for video games, specifically of the Japanese variety. By extension, it's a big event for Square Enix. According to this week's Dengeki PlayStation, Testuya Nomura touched on what people could expect from the company at this year's TGS.

Though many people have decided to pick up L.A. Noire, a little game by the name of The Witcher 2:  Assassins of Kings came out on the same day. And just like the aforementioned, The Witcher 2 also garnered a lot of critical acclaim, reaching a score of 91 on Metacritic. Both that and its first title have become pretty big hits among RPG fans, praising both the storytelling and the battle mechanics. While the game is considered to be possibly the best RPG of the year, many gamers are left out of the mix as it is a PC exclusive, at least for now. But should there still be titles that are exclusive to the PC, or should those days come to an end? 

Final Fantasy Type-0, originally titled Final Fantasy Agito XIII, now has an official website. The Japanese site is accompanied by music from the upcoming PSP RPG, as well as screenshots and a wallpaper. While the game is only announced for Japanese release thus far, it seems likely. Screenshots from the site and a summary of what is known about the game thus far can be viewed below.


Final Fantasy IV must be one of the series' most treasured titles. That's how it would seem, at least, from how many times the game has been re-released. It's been released yet again with The Complete Collection, containing all the Final Fantasy IV content a person could want, and some new content as well. The launch trailer is viewable below.