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The 2012 Game Developers Conference is just about ready to kick off, and while it won’t quite be the equivalent of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, there’s no question that several exciting game projects will be revealed.  But the hype may have began just a wee bit early, as a Microsoft racing project called Forza Horizon has started to make its way across the Internet.

Nothing is better than driving down the road at over 150 mph during a sunny day while racing against other people. The problem is you don't have the Ferrari needed to be able to drive like that in the first place. That's where Forza Motorsport 4 comes in. Forza 4 allows you to race with some of the fastest cars in the world without the risk of injury or destroying your car. In this exclusive video interview, John Wendl tells us what we can expect in the XBox 360 title, including an innovative head tracking feature.