Content about Frequency


It seemed, at a glance, that Harmonix had done everything it possibly could with the Rock Band franchise.  There's been a trio of sequels that have introduced various instruments and new ways to play; thousands of songs released via DLC; and even band-specific games for Green Day and AC/DC, as well as a Lego spin-off. So what's left?  How about a new way to play?


With Harmonix shying away from the troublesome MTV Networks and essentially becoming its own entity, it was free to do whatever it pleased.  And with that, it continued to support Rock Band 3, its latest rock machine, with a number of great new songs, including offerings from Rick Astley, Huey Lewis and the News and, recently, Shinedown and Evanescence.  But who knew that it would also be feeding a different rock monster than the one it’s already created?  Silly us.