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Last fall, Epic’s Gears Of War franchise came to a close. It has helped form the third person shooter genre as various publishers have adapted the Unreal Engine. The series launched in 2006 with Kevin Riepl designing the score for the game. The signature Gears Of War echo came from him and has been echoed through out the series. The thunderous bass, drums and orchestral clashing together are what fans come to expect. Riepi also showed his full repertoire by creating the somber and depressing times in Gears Of War, but do fans notice? Do people look at soundtracks as a whole or as background noise?


E3 should be a week of great new game reveals, as well as technology that’s likely to push the industry forward into the great unknown.  But it can also be about surprise companies popping out of nowhere with new projects.  Robert Bowling already proved this with his company’s upcoming project, and now Epic Games has made the ultimate acquisition for a new work place – say hello to Epic Baltimore.


2011 brought a lot of sequels our way.  Some were necessary improvements to formula, while others had us scratching our heads wondering what was up.  (NOTE: Resistance 3.)  Anyway, we've decided to count down our top ten favorite retail games (a downloadable list is coming very soon), along with a few honorable mentions for good measure.  You might be shocked to see what takes number one.


Gears of War 3 players have been promptly rewarded with outstanding DLC thus far, including free-for-all content and the fun add-on RAAM's Shadow.  Now they can look forward to some fresh new content in 2012, as Microsoft and Epic Games have announced the new Fenix Rising pack, slated for release on January 17.  And you're getting a lot here.


Every year I set out to attend the Gamers United holiday event in Los Angeles, for two reasons.  One, I like helping out for a good cause, in this case providing games to sick kids to help them get through their tough times.  Second, it's a good opportunity to see friends and simply have fun, something I definitely could use during any given holiday season.  So, without further ado, here's the report from the event...


LOS ANGELES -- Epic Game's Cliffy B (Cliff-Bleszinski) revealed more about it's just revealed new game FORTnITE back stage at the Video Game Awards being held on the Sony Pictures lot in Los Angeles. Cliffy B also talked more about Gears of War 3. We got some exclusive video of it all for you after the break.


In this day and age, it's nice to have some extra goodies to pass around in the game industry, whether it's a collectible figure with an Uncharted 3: Collector's Edition, a Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition (c'mon, you want it) or a Gears of War 3 Marcus Fenix statue.  But sometimes the hardware itself takes precedence, especially if it's a limited edition design.  And lucky Nintendo fans will be getting that in Europe come November 25th.


The PlayStation 3 edition of NBA 2K11 managed to stand out a little bit over the Xbox 360 version, for two main reasons.  First, PlayStation Move support, and while some folks don't think it's a big deal for a game to have motion controls, there are those who really enjoy getting "into it".  But the second is the most noteworthy, as the game featured 3D support.  Granted, you either had to wait for the patch or buy the exclusive Best Buy edition of the game, but it was there.  This year, though, it's automatically available in both 360 and PS3 versions of NBA 2K12.  So how is it?


Gears of War 3 has been a tremendous hit for both Microsoft and Epic Games since its launch last month, racking up three million units sold, with plenty more to follow over the holiday season.  The epic trilogy conclusion was also a big hit with critics, who called it one of the most beautiful Xbox 360 gaming experiences out there.  And now, just in time for the holiday push, it's getting its first batch of downloadable content.  And we're more than ready for it.


It's only been two days since the Battlefield 3 beta went public for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and players everywhere are rushing to download it and see what EA's proposed "Modern Warfare" killer has to offer.  So far, the feedback hasn't been the greatest, with users reporting a number of problems in-game, mainly with bugs, glitches and being unable to join games.  Will this possibly reflect on the final product?


Microsoft was already bitten in the butt once trying to get into the high definition movie era with an external HD-DVD player, only to have the format drop dead not even a year after its release.  Instead, it has gone back to streaming 1080p entertainment through its Zune service.  Still, many folks are wondering if Microsoft will give the Blu-Ray format a try, in an attempt to compete with Sony's built-in player for the PlayStation 3.  According to a recent story from an Italian Xbox 360 magazine, they possibly could be.


Microsoft is ready for the holiday season, between its upcoming Gears of War 3 system bundle, a handful of great first and third party games, and a huge push behind its motion-sensitive Kinect device, which is bound to get some swift sales amongst family gamers.  But now there's even bigger incentive to snag a Kinect, as Microsoft is including another free game in the package.  And it's none other than the awesome sleeper hit Child of Eden.


PAX Prime may be over but the news keeps pouring in.  Gears of War 3 took a huge amount of attention at the show, attracting a huge line of players waiting to check out the multiplayer.  Along with that, Microsoft announced at the show that it would be introducing a new program for the game that would save them money on its upcoming downloadable content packs -- a "season pass", similar to what Rockstar Games did for L.A. Noire.


Gears of War 3 left a huge presence on the show floor at PAX Prime this weekend, and though not everyone may be crazy about some of its features (like Microsoft's proposed and unnecessary Season Pass), it'll no doubt be a big seller for the game community.  Likewise, several peripheral makers are ready to back up Gears of War in full force, particularly Calibur, who showed off its upcoming Vault armor for Xbox 360 at the Triton booth.


Following last week's surprise price drop on the PlayStation 3 at GamesCom, many analysts were looking Microsoft's way to see what its next move would be with the Xbox 360.  But if you're expecting the company to immediately follow suit to keep up Sony, you might have another thing coming.  It looks like Microsoft is planning to push software -- and some hardware -- rather than a price drop.  A damaging move, or a smart strategy?


We're just weeks away from the release of Epic Games' epic conclusion to its third-person action series Gears of War 3, and to commemorate the occasion at GamesCom, the team released a trailer that tells the opening of the story.  It's minorly spoiler-ish...but definitely worth watching.


It's only a few weeks until summer comes to an end and the gaming month of September comes settling in, but we're giving you a heads up right now -- you'll want to start saving money.  The reason for that is because of the onslaught of excellent games that are coming our way, from the likes of Sony, Microsoft, and other publishers vying for your gaming dollars.  Here's a quick and helpful guide regarding what to buy, and what you shouldn't be without...

While most gaming engines are barely recognized by name, most people do know about the Unreal Engine. It got its debut in the first ever Unreal game back in 1998, developed by Epic Games. Since then, it has spawned 2 more iterations of the engine that evolved with the increasing power of PCs and consoles alike. Dana Cowley, PR Manager for Epic Games, just released a new screenshot of the updated Unreal Engine 3 on Twitter, showcasing its foliage capabilities. Needless to say, this screen is quite the looker.
In the past few days, I looked at each major company's E3 press conference and gave my overall impression of each one, elated at some of the things that were announced as well as growl at others. But now, it's time to take a look the big picture. What overall tone did E3 set for the industry? From what I saw, it seems that the industry relied too much on sequels to get things done, not taking enough risks with new IPs to pave the future for each company.

While it may have been too early to demo the just announced Halo 4, that didn't mean Xbox didn't have some exclusive stuff to show off.  Gears of War 3, Forza Motorsport 4, and, of course, anything and everything that has to do with Kinect.


Today marks the beginning of the video game industry's biggest event of the entire year, that being E3. The show is the platform where the biggest names in the industry come together to announce new games, show off new technology, and allow gamers a chance to get a hands-on preview of the biggest games in the coming years. This morning, Microsoft got the party started with its press conference at 9:30 this morning. With a lot of games featuring Kinect and new features added to XBox Live, Microsoft has a lot to look forward to beyond traditional video games.

 It's only about a month away from the biggest event in the video game industry. I'm talking about E3. So far, all eyes are on Nintendo after the memo was released that the Wii 2/Project Cafe/Stream/Whateveryouwannacallit is confirmed for this year's E3. Sony also has some of the spotlight on them as well since they will be showing off the NGP, the portable device that is said to be the PS3 experience on the go. But what about Microsoft? There was a huge buzz going around when jobs were listed for the making of their newest console that fans have been calling the XBox 720. After that, all has been quiet. So just what will they be showing off at this year's show?