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With Nintendo announcing that development has just begun on the next iteration of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting the game this year, as the team makes time to really have everything balanced.  So what’s a hardcore player to do while they wait for that brawlathon?  Well, how about engage in another?  Today, Sony announced that it is bringing its much-rumored PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale out for the holiday season, with a slew of fighters from the 15-plus year Sony gaming legacy and a smorgasbord of levels.  The company recently invited us to an event to go hands-on.


There are some genres where the Xbox 360 doesn’t quite match the PlayStation 3.  In this particular case, it’s brutal action.  Sure, it’s got Gears of War 3, but the console is sorely lacking a competitor that can keep up with Sony’s own God of War franchise.  Sure, Dante’s Inferno came pretty damn close, but the religious overtones stopped hardcore gamers from fully enjoying that one.  Now Climax Studios gives the genre a try with a digital downloadable title called Bloodforge, and while there’s plenty to hack and slash, there’s very little purpose to keep you from doing it for hours on end.


There's no question that 2011 was a big year for the Mortal Kombat franchise, as Netherrealm Games effectively relaunched the franchise and made fighting relevant again, complete with over-the-top fatalities and bonus characters that piqued our interest.  (Freddy Krueger?)  But it looks like 2012 will be just as eventful for the series, as the team has not only announced a new Komplete Edition that's coming to consoles later this spring, but also its debut on the PlayStation Vita.


Sony's gearing up for a strong 2012 season, between the upcoming Twisted Metal and Starhawk, the rumored God of War IV, and now a new project that's looking more like an actuality with each new day.  The project is called Title Fight, and it looks to be Sony's equivalent of Nintendo's Super Smash Bros., with several familiar characters duking it out for supremacy.

David Jaffe came under a lot of criticism for the first God of War game due to what people claimed to be a blatant copy of Devil May Cry. Though you could look at it from a negative perspective, you can't blame him for copying it as Devil May Cry gave new life to the action genre. The game went on to have three more installments, making it a staple franchise for the Playstation 2. Dante is back to hunt down the demons that plague the world, but you may not recognize him as he got a little bit of a makeover.

We get a video booth preview of Sony's CES 2010 booth for gaming. We look at the latest Playstation PS3 and PSP games including MAG, God of War II, Gran Turismo and more.