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Kart racers are usually a dime a dozen, especially back in the old days, when it seemed like every gaming company wanted to make its own version to capitalize on the popularity of the Mario Kart games.  But Sega did it quite effectively several months back with Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing, a smorgasbord of racing goodness stemming multiple characters and tracks inspired by various Sega classics, including the House of the Dead, Samba de Amigo and more.  The formula worked extremely well for both the company and players, so it should be no surprise that the long-rumored sequel was finally announced today.


This summer will be a big one for Sega fans, as the company has recently announced that it is bringing back the Dreamcast classic Jet Set Radio for a whole new audience to enjoy.  Set to release in the next few months on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, the game will feature hours worth of skating and grafitti spraying fun, along with high definition visuals and most of the original soundtrack.  It's a party just waiting to happen, and you can bet that Beat and Gum will be in attendance.


Sega’s downloadable game slate is looking incredible.  We certainly won’t lie.  Along with a revamped version of Jet Set Radio, the recently released House of the Dead 4, the upcoming original game Hell Yeah (more on that shortly) and the return of Sonic the Hedgehog (part four, episode two), Sega has a lot of genres covered.  You can count fighting in there as well, as the company is bringing Virtua Fighter 5 back to market with the upcoming expansion Final Showdown, set for release on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.

While the Dreamcast was a system that faded awfully quickly, it had a few games that really resonated with its fans, even to this day. The home port of Soul Caliber brought the franchise into its prominence, and the many side activities of Shenmue kept gamers coming back looking for more distractions. And then there was Jet Set Radio, which combined extreme sports with the underground art of graffiti. Last week, the game was announced to have an HD remake, and now a few screenshots have emerged.

If something’s good enough, you know someone will bring it back in one form or another.  For Sega, this is a common business practice, as it’s been bringing back several of its old-school franchise to the current game scene, in an effort to generate newfound success.  This includes a number of resurrected Dreamcast classics, along with the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and Virtua Fighter, which will come back this summer with Final Showdown on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.  Now another big game is coming back, and Professor K fans will want to listen up…


Sony is no stranger to the HD collection, having released such compilations as God of War Collection (both original and Origins), Ico & Shadow of the Colossus, The Sly Collection and others.  Third parties have also gotten into the act, with Prince of Persia, Splinter Cell HD and Tomb Raider Trilogy games also available.  And more are on the way, including a new Jak and Daxter HD Collection and the Devil May Cry trilogy.  But what other collections should be worked on for the PlayStation 3?  We've got a few ideas...