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Nintendo has seen better days.  Not only was it forced to downgrade its price on the Nintendo 3DS to improve sales and business attention, but it's facing flack from investors for its previously announced Wii U system.  Furthermore, the same investors are pressuring Nintendo to spread some of its business to mobile platforms, specifically iPad and iPhone.  To which we respond: "Hey, why not?"


Hot on the heels of the popular editorial I wrote yesterday talking about the troubled state of the 3DS, we've seen a lot of things happen from the Nintendo camp that eerily addressed some of the issues I brought up.  Release "periods" for the recently renamed Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 were confirmed, and Nintendo made an even bolder move with a scheduled price drop, along with a reward for previous buyers of the system.  These are sure to ramp up some popularity again...but one has to wonder if it's enough...