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When it comes to games made specifically for the PlayStation Move, Sony could’ve done better.  Some of the lamer party and dancing efforts are easily forgettable; Kung Fu Rider stunk worse than a slice of Gouda cheese left in an unplugged fridge for a week; and Medieval Moves was too jittery for its own good.  But now, two years after its initial announcement, we have a game that actually makes the PlayStation Move look likable, even though using it actually reveals a pretty big weakness.


ORLANDO -- The will he, won't he drama surrounding Dwight Howard has ended, at least for this year, with Howard terminating his opt-out clause in his contract and remaining with the Orlando Magic for another year. When asked what Howard would do now that everything is over at his press conference today, Dwight Howard replied "I'm going to go home and play video games. That's what I'm going to do" Howard is known as a hard-core video gamer and even boasted to us at the recent NBA All-Star Game that he can beat anybody in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 as seen below in our interview with Howard.