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NBA 2K12 continues to run at a fever pitch in the second half of the shortened NBA season.  The Game of the Year edition is set to hit Best Buy store shelves next week, at a decent price of $49.99; and to help further celebrate the basketball season, Microsoft has added a new jersey to its Xbox Live Avatar line-up that New York Knicks fans in particular will take interest in.  Nope, it's not Carmelo Anthony.  It's Jeremy Lin!


It’s been a long winding road for SSX, initially getting an introduction back in 2010 as SSX: Deadly Descents and eventually shaping back into the full-fledged over-the-top snowboarding experience we’ve come to love in previous games on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox.  But the game finally arrives next week, so many will say that it definitely has been worth it.  However, you won’t need to wait to give it a go, as a very extensive demo is now available on Xbox Live, and set to hit PlayStation Network later today.  We decided to give it an early run to give you an idea what to expect.


If there's a company that has proven that old-school games do big business, it's Konami.  A few years back, it brought back the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game to Xbox Live, attracting a whole new crowd to the old-school beat-em-up antics, complete with online play.  And last year, it continued to capitalize on such success with the enjoyable X-Men: The Arcade Game.  Next week, it'll be back once more with the long-overdue -- and highly requested -- The Simpsons Arcade.  And yes, it's officially coming, at least from what Sony says.


Well over a year after its release on the market, the Kinect motion device is really growing into its own for Xbox 360 users, not only with a few family-related efforts (Kinect Sports, Dance Central) but also a decent amount of games dedicated to the "hardcore" crowd (Child of Eden, Rise of Nightmares).  But there's not too much of a market for downloadable Kinect games as of yet, though Fruit Ninja Kinect is doing fairly well.  Maybe that'll change once people see how good the haunted house adventure game Haunt is.  Maybe.


When UTV Ignition introduced Quarrel to the App Store a few months back, it brought a successful -- and somewhat addictive -- mix of Risk and Scrabble, with folks putting together words in a limited amount of time and dominating pieces of a map to eventually overcome their opponent.  Pleased with how the game turned out, they then opted to introduce it to a different market, this time on Xbox Live Marketplace.  And the war of words continues to play out as expected, despite some hitches.


At the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month, Microsoft revealed the four titles that are coming to this year's House Party line-up, and even gave us the opportunity to go hands-on with them at their booth.  Now, the company has officially given details as to when the games will be available, and how many Microsoft points they'll be going for.  And as a bonus, it's throwing in an incentive to those people who purchase all four games...


Microsoft's Kinect device has already done a serviceable job connecting kids with their favorite characters.  Just look at the success of Once Upon a Monster from Tim Schafer and his team at Double Fine Productions.  But it looks like that's just the beginning of the team-up between Microsoft and Sesame Street, as the company introduced a whole new level of interactive programming for kids last night during its CES keynote.


As you saw from a report that we posted this weekend, Microsoft had big problems with its UFC on Xbox Live app.  Despite allowing select users to watch the fight for free, there were a number of technical errors that marred the experience, mainly the lack of a solid video feed and the inability to watch an offered replay.  But Microsoft is aware of said problems, and is promising to make the matter right for subscribers.


When it was first announced back at E3, the UFC on Xbox Live app definitely had a few fans excited, especially with the promise of being able to watch live pay-per-views through the convenience on your console.  Unfortunately, last night proved that sometimes if something seems too good to be true, it usually is.


It's been a tough competition for indie game developers in the Dream Build Play program, Microsoft's devoted contest where dev teams go head-to-head with their creations, with the winners receiving some cash for their efforts.  A lot of the games were on display this year at PAX, and there were many inspired favorites to choose from.  In the end, though, it came down to Swing Swing Submarine and its brilliant Blocks That Matter.


Microsoft has messed around with its Xbox Live dashboard setting more than once, introducing "blades" for people to navigate through, adding new channels and, as of late, Kinect support.  But this holiday season, it'll introduce its most significant update to date, not only adding many of the services that were talked about during its E3 presentation, but also a new way to navigate, via a feature called "Twist Control".