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Let the Electronic Entertainment Expo festivities officially begin!  Tomorrow marks the run of press conferences, where companies will make their breaking announcements and reveal long-awaited projects.  But Nintendo appears to be getting the jump on the competition.  Ahead of its own press conference on Tuesday, Nintendo will be hosting a special pre-E3 Direct online special today at 6 PM EDT, with global president Satoru Iwata set to discuss something regarding the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.  The question, is...what?


Another year of the Spike TV Video Game Awards has come and gone, and this year's show was a notable improvement over last year's doldrum-filled affair, with plenty of highlights and great game reveals.  That said, the show still has a number of things it needs to do to compete with some of the better awards shows out there.  So we have some advice in regards of what should be done...


Mention the words "Shigeru Miyamoto" to any given gamer out there, and they'll likely rattle off their favorite moment from a Mario or Legend of Zelda game, in great detail.  There's no question that the legendary designer has left his mark on more than one occasion, serving millions of happy gamers at a time.  However, it looks like he might he slowing down as he approaches his late 50's, as rumors indicate he'll be "retiring".  But to what extent?


As dedicated as Nintendo (and Shigeru Miyamoto) are to the Legend of Zelda franchise, there are those moments that occasionally divide fans.  When Twilight Princess came out for GameCube and Wii, some embraced the old-school tactics, while others were a little torn.  And then, of course, there’s Wind Waker, with its deep gameplay overlooked by the change-up to cel-shaded graphics.  But say what you will about changes in dynamics, the Zelda series has always been about enthralling adventure.  And the latest release in the series, Skyward Sword, is all about that.

A couple of weeks ago at E3, when the world got its first glimpse at the Wii U, many people were delighted at the sight of the new controller. With the potential to do so much with just a game controller, it seemed like the Wii U would take a solid hold on the market because of its innovation. However, I'm not terribly sure that will be the case. For some odd reason, I get the feeling it will get old, and the lack of power to compete with the other new consoles will only limit what it can and can't port onto the system.
With the second day of E3 all to themselves, Nintendo had the spotlight solely on them. As a matter of fact, they already had the spotlight on them as it was confirmed that they would have a new console to show off at their press conference. The internet was flooded with all sorts of rumors as to what the name of it would be and what the controller would be able to do as supposed photos of the console leaked onto the internet. On June 7th, the Wii U was officially announced as Nintendo's next console, sparking the start of the next console generation. But is the Wii U a full step into the next generation, or does it simply bridge the gap between the next generation and the current?
No doubt about it, all eyes were on Nintendo this entire time at E3 as they had a brand new console in store for all of us. For the past few months, lots of websites and blogs posted pictures of what supposedly was the new console or controller for the new system. All of that speculation as Nintendo finally revealed the new platform, officially named the Wii U. During the press conference, Nintendo discussed the functionality of the system and also detailed several titles that can be expected for the console.