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Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit is the video game your grandmother hates. A weird postmodern jumble of gratuitous gore, gaudy colors and vulgar creatures. Here a robot-legged panda will shoot at you with bouncing tic-tac-shaped lasers, as elsewhere a huge Spartan-masked scorpion spews waves of neon-bordered playing cards from its stinger. In this 2D platformer, your victims—98 more abominations like the ones above—must pay the price for having enjoyed humiliating photos of you in the bathtub. Anything goes.


I started gaming so many years ago with a classic, Mario Kart. One of the staple games of any N64 owner’s collection, this game presented a plethora of tracks, power-ups, characters and weapons, and was a Mario franchise that never saw an unpopular or negatively received release. Do you know why Mario Kart was so instantly addicting? Well, it’s not because you had to use only Bowser and green shells on only six or seven tracks for the first fifty fucking races in order to unlock one character, kart, or power-up at a time.


Valve has announced plans to expand Steam. The PC digital distributor will starting offering software for creative and productive uses. Steamworks will be more integrated and will also be updated, making it easier to save work on Steam cloud.


Welcome back to your favorite Steam Summer Sale updates and recommendations. In personal news, I just got an email from my aunt saying she sent me a Gamestop gift certificate for my birthday, which is on Monday. I mean literally, she couldn’t have picked a worse time, right as the Steam Summer Sale has gotten started. Oh well, maybe I’ll get a bit of cash to help out the cause. Anyway, today is Saturday, so let’s look at some of today’s deals and bundles that you should take advantage of…


It’s the event that PC gamers have been waiting for since school ended. What all their hard months of working and saving up money have been for. It’s like Mardi Gras and Black Friday combined into one. The happiest ten days of the summer to anyone with a Steam account: the Steam Summer Sale. But with so many options and deals to choose from, how do you decide? Well, while many more deals are sure to come over the next ten days, if you want to start taking advantage of the savings right away, here are my recommendations.


Remember when Telltale was a small video game company that released a video game every one to two years. Last year alone Telltale released “Back to the Future” six episodic content and to close out the year, released “Jurassic Park”. Things have sure changed since then, but was it for the better? Has the Telltale dependence on licensed properties finally back fired on them in "Law & Order: Legacies".


The 2012 gaming season is just about upon us, with sequels to Final Fantasy XIII and SoulCalibur ready to drop at the end of the month and a flood of new games set to follow after that.  So when our EIC asked me to name the five most anticipated games of 2012, I had a mountain-sized task ahead of me.  There's so many great games coming down the pike, paring it down to just ten in itself is ridiculous.  Much less five.  But I've managed to do it, and here now are the five most anticipated games that we can't wait to play.


2011 was a great year for video games with many strong tittles hitting store and online shelves. Valve, has offically announced that Steam, the leading online digital retailer for PC& Mac, has increased for the seventh year in arrow.


Valve had an outstanding year in 2011 with the release of the highly anticipated Portal 2, a game that went leaps and bounds over the original, both with single player and co-op components.  So all that's left to wonder now is...what's left for 2012, aside from the upcoming Counter Strike: Global Offensive?  Well, if Internet hints indicate anything, the company is hard at work on yet another long-awaited sequel -- the follow-up to Half-Life 2.


Plot?  What kind of first-person shooter needs a plot?  A story can easily weigh down a game that doesn’t need it.  Just look at Battlefield 3 and you’ll see what I mean.  Thankfully, the developers behind Serious Sam realize that a story should not only take the back seat, but pretty much sit in the trunk of the car.  It’s always been about over-the-top action and hilarity, intended and unintended alike, as you blast enemies to kingdom come using a large scale of weapons.  And Serious Sam 3: BFE follows suit – for better or for worse.


Black Friday.  It's a day for folks to go out and splurge on mad stuff they've always wanted, but with a price that's definitely more reasonable to withstand.  Best Buy, Target and Toys R' Us have their deals set to go Friday morning around midnight-ish, but Steam has got the jump on all of them.  The online gaming service has already begun selling games like mad RIGHT NOW.


Valve Software has always been a company with some great ideas under its belt.  And yeah, even though it can't quite count to three yet on its most beloved franchise, Half-Life, there's no question that Portal 2 is a contender for Game of the Year.  Well, it's about to get even better, as the company has announced a robust new addition to its sequel set for release early next year -- one that'll involve the community even more than ever before.

Whenever you think vacation, a few things come immediately to mind - beaches, rainforests, sunshine, warm weather. Probably one of the last things you'd ever associate with that is zombies, and that's only if you believe they exist. However, both people on vacation and the locals of Banoi had to defend themselves against the walking undead in Deep Silver's Dead Island. With the odds stacked against you, is this fight for survival worth fighting, or are you better off throwing in the towel?

Penny Arcade: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness is considered a unique -- and likable -- role-playing adventure based in the crazy universe of Penny Arcade (c'mon, a robot SCREWS FRUIT), split into two chapters.  But then it was learned that the series wouldn't be continuing after the second chapter, and we got said.  Well, perk up, because Gabe and Tycho will return for an all new chapter in the series next year, under the direction of Zeboyd Games.


Valve could've easily relied on Portal 2 to carry it through 2011, as it's considered one of the best games of the year -- and should soon be supported by some solid DLC.  However, the company went the extra mile this week, as it flew in several top players to its headquarters to test out a secret new game.  No, not Half-Life 3, but something just as legendary -- the return of Counter-Strike.


The new DLC for Dragon Age 2, Legacy, has caused the game to be booted from the Steam store. This is merely the latest in a constant battle Valve and EA seem to be involved in since EA started its new digital download service, Origin.  It's a battle that sees no signs of ending any time soon, and who will win is still up in the air. For more info, read on.

The word "limbo" could mean several different things depending on who you talk to. It could mean a state in the afterlife, or it could mean being trapped in a dream state like in the film "Inception." But for some, it's actually a video game. Last year, PlayDead Entertainment introduced XBox 360 gamers to a puzzle platformer that captivated a lot of people because of its art style and the puzzles that needed to be solved. But now, that same game will be making its way onto the PS3 and Steam sometime later this year.
One of the biggest shoot 'em up games in the 90s was Desert Strike. What separated it from other shooters at the time was that as opposed to the screen constantly moving in one direction, you moved an Apache helicopter around a map to clear objectives. This formula, along with it being released during the Gulf War, helped it to be one of the best selling games of 1992. Renegade Ops looks to borrow from that formula, along with adding a few features of its own. In this exclusive video interview, Game Director Axel Lindberg talks about how explosive the action will be.

 You know when a game is a great game when fans of it are eager to learn about the magic behind the scenes. It's a natural curiosity in all of us to learn how things are made, especially the things we love most. Valve gave its fans a treat with "Final Hours of Portal 2," a behind-the-scenes look that was developed by Geoff Keighley. However, it was exclusive for the iPad. As of yesterday, that has changed now that it has been made available on Steam as of yesterday.


 On April 19, gamers were treated with the release of Portal 2, the sequel to a smaller game that could be found in the Orange Box. Portal gained a lot of critical acclaim for its innovative system of using portals to traverse testing areas and also to using them to solve puzzles. Portal 2 brought all of that back, and then improved upon it greatly. By this time, you probably have finished both the single -player and co-op campaigns; however, that doesn't mean that the fun is over. Valve has released the beta software of the authoring tools used to create the puzzles, allowing gamers to come up with their own challenges and share them with the world.


 You've probably been spending the last week or so doing some more testing for science, Aperture Science that is. Sadly, every game has an ending at some point and only leaves you wanting more. If you have already finished both the single player and co-op campaigns, there is some good news for you. In an interview with Fast Company, VP of Marketing Doug Lombardi states that there will be DLC coming out this summer.


 It's been a very frustrating week for PS3 owners. With the release of Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat, a lot of people have been looking forward to playing some multiplayer, but the hacking of the Playstation Network has made that anything but possible. It's bad enough that part of the game isn't functional for the moment, but how much worse would it be if you couldn't buy the game at all? A lot of analysts in the industry have been pondering digital distribution with the next generation of consoles, but with the current state of affairs with the PSN, that possibility is not looking so good.