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On the heels of its addition of the Apple iPhone to its mobile phone offerings on Tuesday, Sprint didn’t waste any of its new momentum by announcing today at its Strategy Update event that it will aggressively rollout its 4G LTE mobile broadband data network by launching its 4G LTE network next year with planned coverage of 120 million by the end of 2012 and 250 million by the end of 2013. Sprint said it will also launch 15 new 4G LTE devices next year. Sprint intends to spend $10 billion to rollout its 4G LTE network  as well as phase out its iDen network it acquired in the Nextel merger and expects to see up to $10-11 billion in savings by 2017.


Sprint’s EVO 4G Android smartphone by HTC is the first Android smartphone from a major carrier to get the long awaited version 2.2 (Froyo) of the Android mobile OS from Google. Among the main features of the new version is support for the Adobe Flash 10.1 mobile player giving the EVO 4G the ability to browse websites with Flash videos, animations and/or graphics. Adobe, having been shunned by Steve Jobs and Apple, has made a great effort to get cozy with Google and its Android OS using it as its launch platform for its Flash mobile initiatives.


With sales of console and handheld systems having stalled, the attention of the video game industry has turned to the fast-growing cell phone video game market, according to the market research firm iSuppli Corp. With their ubiquity and ownership by a large segment of an electronics-enamored public, mobile phones equipped to play games and other forms of electronic entertainment vastly outnumber their rival dedicated gaming platforms.


LOS ANGELES – Beating Nintendo and its upcoming Nintendo 3DS to the punch, Los Angeles-based Master Image, the second largest 3D digital cinema technology company, showed off its auto-stereoscopic 3D technology at the 3D Gaming Summit on a Hitachi Wooo mobile phone. The phone has been shipping in Japan and has already become the number one mobile phone there with a few hundred thousand devices sold since its introduction. Master Image’s auto-stereoscopic technology allows users to see 3D without the use of the typical 3D polarized or anaglyph red and blue glasses. The device will play movies and games in 3D.