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The first person shooter genre is stacked with quality AAA games from various publishers year in and year out. Most of them usually carry strict military tone that resembles the theme carried out thought the game. Offensive Combat is different and takes an entirely different approach. The game doesn’t take it self seriously and that is one of its main attributes.


When Nintendo presented its big showcase last year before the Electronic Entertainment Expo took place, it shocked the world with the announcement of the Wii U, a new game console that would take advantage of an innovative new touch screen controller.  However, when it came to hitting the floor and seeing the Wii U in action, most people think it came up a bit short, despite the interesting presentations.  This time around, Nintendo has a chance to really show attendees what their next-gen system is made of.  So how can they capitalize?  We’ve got a few ideas…


When WarHawk released for PlayStation Network a few years back, it introduced some important new fundamentals to the multiplayer battle experience, letting teams take out one another either on the ground or in the air, using a number of well-armed vehicles.  While it was fun for networked battles, it really didn’t offer much outside of that, since there was no sign of a single player campaign.  That said, some team members behind that game have since shacked up with Lightbox Interactive to produce a sequel of sorts, and StarHawk is the result.  And as fun as the original Hawk was, this experience surpasses it.


If you've been reading our stories as of late, then you already know about Sony's recent push for independent game hits on the PlayStation Network, including games like Papo & Yo and The Unfinished Swan.  However, one additional game that will deserve some attention once it arrives over the summer is Dyad, a game that channels the energy of such old-school shooters as Tempest 2000 and N20, and puts them into a contemporary experience that will addict PSN players for hours on end.  We recently caught up with the game's progress during a recent trip to PAX East 2012.


You’ve played one Final Fantasy game, you’ve played them all, right?  Hardly.  This July, Square Enix will be providing a different twist on the genre with a game that relies just as much on music and rhythm cues as it does adventure.  Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is an upcoming 3DS game where you’ll have to tap and drag along to pre-set music themes while traveling, building energy for fights and eventually facing large enemies.  And it’ll stem from memorable themes taken from Final Fantasy themes over the years.  It’s as good as it gets for nostalgic fans.


I’ve spent quite a bit of time with Capcom’s Street Fighter x Tekken, not only because I wanted to make sure to test out the online play and the additional PS3-exclusive fighters (y’know, “fat” Mega Man” and Cole McGrath from Infamous), but also because it’s not just another typical crossover fighter.  Yes, it combines characters from both Capcom and Namco’s respective fighting universes, but its controls are set up a little differently, rather than relying on the mechanics that worked so well in the Marvel vs. Capcom games.  That’s not a complaint by any means.  In fact, I can’t think of a hardcore fighting fan that wouldn’t dig into this thing like a treasure chest.  Casual fans, too.


I remember the first time I checked out Shoot Many Robots.  Demiurge Studios had invited me up for a beer in their suite at GDC last year, and there introduced me to P. Walter Tugnut, a Southern shooter with a severe robot issue on his hands.  Just with the introduction of a beer and the main hero’s name, I knew that the team was going for a different kind of run-and-gun title with Shoot Many Robots.  Now that the final game is here, under the watchful care of Ubisoft, it’s still got the same charm that won me over last year.  (And no, that wasn’t the alcohol.)

Last week marks the week of numerous boxes of chocolate being consumed, roses being delivered, and all of that lovey dovey stuff thanks to a little day called Valentine's Day. Surely, plenty of people are probably still feeling a bit hyper thanks to all of that sugar their loved one gave them as a gift. There could be no better timing for a new DLC map for Modern Warfare 3, giving people a chance to expend all of that excess energy learning a brand new map and making an example of other players.

When SoulCalibur IV came out a few years ago for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, some players were disappointed by the series' jump to next-gen, even with the addition of nifty Star Wars characters.  (C'mon, Darth Vader versus Mitsurugi was pretty damn epic.)  But luckily, Namco realizes that some better balancing was needed, and SoulCalibur V brings it in spades, between some great new characters and the kind of multiplayer that will keep you addicted for some time.  It's just a shame that the single player content couldn't really keep up...


Sony has become known as of late to release a series of high-definition collections for the PlayStation 3, including a pair of God of War games and the Sly Cooper games, as well as Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.  Well, chalk up three more PS2 favorites that are coming to the system this February, as the company has officially announced that Jak and Daxter Collection is on the way.


Around ten years ago or so, Fox McCloud and his ragtag team of StarFox pilots put a hurt on Andross' grasp of the universe with the amazing StarFox 64, one of the most memorable games for the Nintendo 64.  Since that time, the game has seen a re-release on the Virtual Console service for the Wii, and now it arrives on the Nintendo 3DS under a new coat of third dimensional polish.  But is this game all looks, or does it fly high in the gameplay department as well?


The Tokyo Game Show is building a good amount of energy, set to come our way in less than two weeks.  All the big guns will be showcasing their latest and greatest gaming products, including Nintendo, who have already planned a pre-TGS conference to highlight something regarding the Nintendo 3DS.  But if you can't attend in person, don't worry -- there's still a way to view it.


If you were roaming around the fourth floor of PAX Prime all weekend, then you might have missed out on what treasures were being harbored on the sixth floor, in a small indie pavilion of sorts.  Several companies showed off things here, including Mega 64 and its barrage of silly (but must-have) products, NoS with a fresh supply of energy drinks, and several card game makers.  In the back, several indie game companies had their products on hand as well -- including 24 Carat Games' unique music/rhythm game Retro/Grade.


With Resistance 3 releasing September 6th, Insomniac Games are looking to put the finishing touches on the multiplayer with the help of their fans. In opening up a Resistance 3 multiplayer beta, they wisely follow in the steps of Uncharted and Gears of War. Though the beta's start had it on the road to greatness, it seems to have suddenly hit a major speedbump. Read on for more details.