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Doing a “director’s cut” of a game is nothing new in the game industry.  A lot of companies have come through with Game of the Year editions, featuring extra downloadable content right on the disc or offering a small bonus to those who may have missed out on the game before.  This time, it’s Mortal Kombat’s turn, and one of 2011’s best games, a successful relaunch of a long-running fighting franchise, gets a great package with the Komplete Edition.


The second we laid eyes on the first gameplay footage of Borderlands 2 last August at PAX Prime, we knew we were in for something special.  Gearbox Software not only includes all the components that made the original “role-playing shooter” such a vast success, but also made incredible pushes forward in other areas.  Along with literally a “bazillioner” guns included (they even stacked them up in one part of the demo to show us how much was in there), they threw in new characters, bigger outdoor environments and a whole lot of trouble.  And the best part, we’re gonna be partaking in this madness during the first month of fall.


Even though it has its certain gems, like MotoHeroz, MDK and several Mario classics, the Virtual Console service for Wii has a hard time keeping up with the more contemporary Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network providers.  Perhaps it's just a general lack of interest, or developers trying to work on stuff for the upcoming Wii U.  But not everyone has given up, as Capcom is working on a revamped Genesis favorite with an interesting new feature.

Much like the Street Fighter series, Capcom is following the same path of adding more characters to its Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 title by making a brand new edition of the game titled Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. The new release will increase the roster size to a total of 50, adding 12 characters to the roster - 10 brand new characters, as well as Shuma Gorath and Jill Valentine who were available as DLC characters. To follow up the game's reveal at Comic Con, Capcom has released trailers of some of the new characters. The first trailer is of Firebrand, an enemy many people will know from the Ghosts 'N Goblins.
When Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 first came out, there were some pretty questionable omissions in terms of characters on the roster. While Capcom did make room for plenty of newcomers such as Dante and Zero, characters such as Ken and Strider were certainly missed by fans of the series. Luckily for them, one of the series veterans will, in fact, be making his return as Strider Hiryu will be one of the 10 new characters in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. If you aren't a believer just by reading it, check out this gameplay trailer released by Capcom.
One of the biggest franchises in all of fighting games is the Street Fighter series. It's emergence truly came with the release of Street Fighter II, robbing kids of their quarters and providing countless hours of fun amongst friends. Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV were able to uphold that tradition, as well as add some fresh new mechanics to the series. Just when tournament players thought they had their craft perfected, Capcom decided to add 4 new characters to the fold in Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. Earlier today, Capcom released a trailer of Yun, one of the 4 characters added to the roster.