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Rovio has returned to once again dominate your mobile screens with the newest follow up to the “Angry Birds” franchise. With a new focus and new gameplay mechanics, does “Bad Piggies” measure up to “Angry Birds”? Let’s find out as we review "Bad Piggies" on the iPhone. 


A dark cloud had been hovered over the cloud gaming pioneer OnLive all day Friday as it was on death watch after reports that employees were leaving in mass with boxes in tow in the company's parking lot as the company was rumored to be prepping for a bankruptcy filing. Then late Friday, the company issued a statement announcing the sale of its assets to an unnamed buyer that would continue the cloud gaming service. We talked to CEO and Founder Steve Perlmean in happier times as he talks about OnLive's products and mission in this exclusive video interview.


If there’s one thing I take pride in, it’s my music collection. Over 1600 songs on the iPod, and that doesn’t even include the large amount of playlists I’ve generated on Spotify. So any game that makes use of the music library stored on your computer, much like my beloved Audiosurf, is doing something right. And much like Audiosurf, Symphony combines stunning visuals, addictive gameplay, and the music you love into an all-around fantastic game.


The term “browser-based game” is not one that typically sits well with gamers. It brings up the repressed fact that there are tons of ignored invites on your Facebook asking you to help plant crops on Farmville, or go hold up a bank in Mafia Wars, or guide a football into the endzone in Return Man. But there is the occasional diamond in the rough, and Drakensang Online certainly shines in comparison to other games you typically play on Chrome, Firefox, or even (*shudders*) Explorer.


Welcome back to your favorite Steam Summer Sale updates and recommendations. In personal news, I just got an email from my aunt saying she sent me a Gamestop gift certificate for my birthday, which is on Monday. I mean literally, she couldn’t have picked a worse time, right as the Steam Summer Sale has gotten started. Oh well, maybe I’ll get a bit of cash to help out the cause. Anyway, today is Saturday, so let’s look at some of today’s deals and bundles that you should take advantage of…


It’s the event that PC gamers have been waiting for since school ended. What all their hard months of working and saving up money have been for. It’s like Mardi Gras and Black Friday combined into one. The happiest ten days of the summer to anyone with a Steam account: the Steam Summer Sale. But with so many options and deals to choose from, how do you decide? Well, while many more deals are sure to come over the next ten days, if you want to start taking advantage of the savings right away, here are my recommendations.


We’ve already got an abundance of downloadable arcade racing games available for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  Not only do you have pretty much every major Sega arcade racing franchise (Sega Rally, Daytona USA, Outrun), but you’ve also got secondary favorites like Hydro Thunder Hurricane and the recently released Mad Riders.   But that isn’t stopping D3 Publisher from releasing Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad, a no-frills dirt racing extravaganza with plenty of drifting, high-flying arcade action.  It’s hardly the most original thing out there, but at least the motor keeps running.


A year and a half ago, Zen Studios once again upped the ante on its virtual pinball creations with the release of Marvel Pinball, a collection of four tables based on popular superheroes, featuring both a solid table design and characters that would jump around, as if they were leaping right off the comic book pages.  Now, after what seemed like months in the waiting, Marvel Pinball has finally made its way to 3DS, and while there may be a slight question regarding table selection, there’s no doubt you’ll find plenty of pinball fun to be had here.


Inversion arrived last week with very little fanfare.  Perhaps it was the fact that it was released during E3, and that Namco Bandai had bigger projects to focus on.  Or maybe it was just one of those games that the company is hoping will be a “sleeper” hit, relying more on word-of-mouth than a multi-million dollar ad campaign.  Regardless, it’s here, and while it definitely has some key moments with its gravity-shifting tactics, its quality never really rises above that of a SyFy made-for-TV movie.  That’s not to say some won’t be entertained, but it could’ve been so much more.


Last year’s DiRT 3, I think, was the pinnacle for Codemasters’ long-running rally racing series, as it simply got everything just right.  The feel of the cars, the variety of the tracks, the sheer thrill of flying off a jump and landing for a first place finish…everything just clicked.  So with that, the team was probably wondering…”So what next?”  We get that answer today with the release of DiRT Showdown, a not-so-routine sequel where you’re taking part in a racing festival, competing in fun – and quite destructive – racing events.


The idea behind E3 was to showcase the latest and brightest games of 2012, but there are always a few games that disappoint us. Some games on our list made serious changes to their formula, and not for the better. Other games took center stage at E3 when they shouldn’t have. There were many games at E3, but here is our top five list of disappointments.


Remember last year when Techland and Deep Silver introduced the racing game Nail’d?  It actually provided a fresh new take on the ATV racing scene, thanks to its heavily vertical (yet still surprisingly cramped) level design and its non-stop speed.  Well, Ubisoft apparently liked it as well, as it’s commissioned the game’s developer, Techland, to do it all over again for Mad Riders, which hit Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network this week.  And while some of the game’s flaws still remain intact, it remains a fun racer – especially if you’ve got online friends looking to join you.


A lot of folks I know were pretty disappointed with Resistance 3, despite Insomniac Games’ efforts to take the series in a new direction following the death of its main hero, Nathan Hale.  Me?  Well, it irked me in places, but I could see what the developers were trying to do, and I had a fair amount of fun with it – even though I still turned to Killzone 3 by default afterward.  Now, people are once again getting divided up over the release of Burning Skies, the first portable entry for Resistance on the Vita.  (In this case, game critics.)  But, honestly, is it really that bad?  Nope, in fact, it’s pretty good.


After a fiscal report that questioned the future of the Major League Baseball 2K franchise, we were wondering if 2K Sports had gotten a little soft, concerned about how they could compete with their main rival, EA Sports.  Well, we got our answer today with a nice tomahawk jam to the face, in the form of an announcement for NBA 2K13.


The PlayStation Vita.  Though it may not be everyone’s ideal handheld choice (the 3DS is out there, along with cheaper handhelds and that iPhone thing), it’s still a sleek little thing that’s well worth playing.  Sony has made quite a push with the system so far, with a number of impressive games and a few more on the way, including Resistance: Burning Skies landing at retail (and digitally) later this month.  But when it comes to games you MUST have, what are the best choices for the system?


The IOS market has been around for roughly six years and has helped revolutionize everything tech related from movies, music and games. It has given artist and developers a new platform to communicate and speak directly to audience and that’s exactly what Aoineko Studios is doing.


It’s inevitable with all “cute” franchises.  Eventually, someone’s going to get the idea of making a “kart” game, where familiar characters can get behind the wheel of a race car and (playfully) compete against others through a similar universe, one that’s been in previous games.  Mario’s done it countless of times, Crash Bandicoot did it a couple, and several other clones have emerged over the years as well.  Joining the fray is LittleBigPlanet Karting, collaboration between Media Molecule and the game’s main developer, United Front Games – the same team behind ModNation Racers.  But don’t go dismissing this as just another knock-off.  This one has a lot of kick behind it.


God of War: Ascension was confirmed a few days ago by Sony after months of (badly) being kept secret by the company, and while many are interested in seeing the origins of the series’ violent hero, Kratos, there’s a new element that’s even more interesting.  Sony recently invited us down to an event in Los Angeles to get a first look at the game, but instead of seeing any aspect of single player, we were treated to a glimpse at the proposed multiplayer mode.


After making a huge splash on consoles last year (and we mean in bright red bloody colors), Mortal Kombat is just about ready to make its portable debut on the PlayStation Vita.  The game includes all the content from the original console game, along with online play, a number of exclusive Klassik Skins and a Challenge Tower that includes various touch screen games, including Test Your Slice (a Fruit Ninja variation) and Test Your Balance.


The fighting game market is still thriving quite well these days, with thousands of players stepping up for tournaments and proving their worth in games like Mortal Kombat, King of Fighters XIII and Street Fighter x Tekken, among others.  But by no means should you ignore the “little guys”, the teams that are still making less-than-popular fighting games that are just as good as the “big boys”.  Case in point – Skullgirls, the latest from Revenge Labs and their respective publishers at Autumn Games and Konami, has finally arrived on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network after what seems like years in development.  And now that it’s here, you shouldn’t dare miss it.


Over the weekend at PAX East, we had the opportunity to talk with several folks about upcoming projects.  Among them was Zen Studios, a company that didn’t have a booth on the floor, but still had some exciting details about what was coming down the line in the future in terms of pinball content.  While we can’t reveal everything JUST yet (they’re saving some surprises for E3), we can talk about Zen Pinball 2, an improved pinball experience coming for the PlayStation 3 – and PlayStation Vita – starting next month.