Content about season pass


Gears of War 3 players have been promptly rewarded with outstanding DLC thus far, including free-for-all content and the fun add-on RAAM's Shadow.  Now they can look forward to some fresh new content in 2012, as Microsoft and Epic Games have announced the new Fenix Rising pack, slated for release on January 17.  And you're getting a lot here.


Forza Motorsport 4 is doing quite well for the racing community, with hundreds of thousands of folks hitting the track and showing the world their racing mettle.  But that racing world is about to open up even further, as Microsoft has announced a new pack of cars coming to the game December 6th.


PAX Prime may be over but the news keeps pouring in.  Gears of War 3 took a huge amount of attention at the show, attracting a huge line of players waiting to check out the multiplayer.  Along with that, Microsoft announced at the show that it would be introducing a new program for the game that would save them money on its upcoming downloadable content packs -- a "season pass", similar to what Rockstar Games did for L.A. Noire.