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It’s been nearly 12 years since we’ve seen Tekken Tag Tournament, Namco’s off-shoot in its fighting franchise, where you could tag team between two characters when facing off against enemies, switching them out with tactics and engaging in some rather creative melees as a result.  We’re supposing that the company preferred the “one vs. one” option for so long, as they demonstrated in Tekken 4, Tekken 5 and Tekken 6.  But finally, we’re getting a return of team fighting madness with Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which is set to hit Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this September, with a Wii U release to follow later in the year.


Ubisoft is set to have a huge showing in the next few days at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, and if the rumor mill is madly churning for any company, it's them.  Rumors about Beyond Good and Evil 2 footage, a Prince of Persia revival (sans Jake Gyllenhaal) and the Rayman Legends Wii U project have already been making the rounds.  But today, a sweet new one has emerged -- Assassins Creed 3 isn't the only "killer" game releasing this year.


For the longest time, Dead Space 3 has been heavily rumored, following the awesomeness that was Dead Space 2 last year.  And why not?  Fighting vicious aliens while scrambling to stay alive through tense just makes for a good time in video games.  Well, before EA could possibly announce the game at its press conference for E3, it looks like a site called All Games Beta has stumbled upon some key screenshots from the project, as well as a logo and teaser image that confirms, yup, Isaac Clarke is in for another bad day.  (But hey, at least he's not alone, right?)


Marcus Fenix's saga in the Gears of War franchise may have come to a close, but that doesn't mean the series can't continue on with a new lead.  And it looks like it will be, according to a recent cover reveal by Game Informer Magazine.  The publisher unveiled its new cover this morning, revealing silhouettes surrounding familiar Gears of War motif.  The game is already confirmed to be officially unveiled this Monday during the Microsoft press conference, but the real question is...what should we expect?


Earlier this month, we reported on the story that 2K Sports was looking to launch its latest basketball sim, NBA 2K13, sometime in early October, and would have the game ready to hit the floor of E3 next week.  Today, 2K Sports confirmed the story, stating that its championship series would indeed be heading back to stores to once again dominate the paint.


When Microsoft released Kinect Joy Ride a year and a half ago for its Xbox 360, it left audiences torn.  While casual players and kids got a kick out of holding onto an imaginary steering wheel and performing tricks, others just didn’t get the “feel” of the game, and left it behind in favor of the more hardcore racing terrain of Forza MotorSport 3.  With that, the company, in association with the development team at BigPark, opted to remake the game the way it was originally intended, as a downloadable release for Xbox Live Arcade.  So, now that Joy Ride Turbo has returned to its roots, is it a better run around the block?  Actually, yes.


A little while back, we posted a first look at THQ's upcoming wrestling opus WWE 13, by way of a leaked trailer that featured WWE champion CM Punk talking about a revolution.  But little did he know what kind of revolution it would bring from the game community.  Last night, the hype surrounding the game reached a fever pitch when the official cover for the game was revealed.  At first, General Manager John Laurenitis joked that he would be featured on the cover...but then CM Punk came down and officially unveiled how the final game would look.  Thank goodness.


THQ doesn’t appear to have much presence at this year’s E3 event, as there won’t likely be a Darksiders II car wash to go with last year’s Saints Row event.  No matter, the company will still be there, showing off the upcoming sequel featuring Death, along with the recently announced Company of Heroes II.  But now it looks like it’ll have an additional game in tow, the latest in its ongoing World Wrestling Entertainment wrestling sims, as a trailer appeared online hours ago – before being taken down – that announced the arrival of WWE 13 on November 1.


It’s been a good five years since we stepped onto the battlefield with a full-fledged Ghost Recon game, cruising through the skies with Advanced Warfighter 2.  Since that time, Ubisoft’s been putting the finishing touches on its latest chapter, Future Soldier, only to run into delays and forcing its release date to move a few months.  Well, the time for delays is over, as the finished product has finally worked its way to store shelves.  Now the question is, has this long wait been worth it?


You’ve seen the first trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops II, right?  The one where our own drones are turned against us in the face of a new enemy and plenty of chaos happening around Los Angeles?  Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Recently, Activision invited us to a pre-E3 event, where it showed off the first gameplay footage, a good ten minutes worth of tense future action.  And we can tell you right now – Treyarch hasn’t lost a step between the first game and the second.  In fact, it’s learned quite a bit with the tweaks it’s made to the familiar Infinity Ward tech.


When Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 came out for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network a couple of years ago, it answered the prayers of dedicated fans seeking a 2D fix of their favorite hero, in favor of the forgettable 3D endeavors.  But at the same time, it didn’t quite “feel” right, with game mechanics being just a little bit off and the level design not quite being as good as the classic Genesis games.  So the developers did some tinkering and have come back with Episode 2, a game that’s much closer in nature to those classics.  But is it the ultimate Sonic experience?  Sadly, it comes up just short, but in different areas than the first game.


When Namco released the original Sniper Elite for Xbox and PlayStation 2 a while back, it enhanced the job of being a long-distance killer better than Konami’s arcade-style Silent Scope series could – especially considering the seriousness of its World War II mission.  With Sniper Elite V2, 505 Games steps in as publisher, and tells a more fleshed out tale of a US soldier running and gunning through Germany on his own terms, shooting targets from a distance – and up close when necessary – to get the job done.  It has stuff in common with the original game, but feels much more streamlined, not to mention fun.


While news continues to circulate around the possibility of Kingdom Hearts III for new consoles, Square Enix is busy promoting another title in the series, the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance for Nintendo 3DS.  Though not the "epic" sequel that many gamers will be hoping for, it will nevertheless be a great new game for the handheld, featuring another wonderful adventure that combines the universes of Square and Disney almost seamlessly.  And we've got some great new details on the game, via a video interview.


Electronic Arts never fails to showcase a strong array of third-party titles for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, as well as other consoles each year they attend E3.  Last year was a huge highlight between such games as SSX and Mass Effect 3, but what does the company have to lean on this year?  Well, besides big sports hits like Madden NFL 13 and the upcoming Overstrike from Insomniac Games, we’ve got a few ideas as to what the company should officially announce at the show.  With that, here are our suggestions…


We're just going to say it right now.  Far Cry 3 is shaping up to be the best game in the series yet.  The first two games set up great tales of survival, with one man battling the odds through lush terrain and occasionally using feral abilities to get the jump.  The third looks to follow suit with an even more engaging single-player campaign, along with a new focus on multiplayer, where teams can battle it out to control parts of the terrain.  We recently went hands-on with the demo to see how it was coming along.


One of the highlights from this year's PAX East event was a huge standee for Ubisoft's upcoming Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, featuring plenty of action from the co-op side of things.  In the demo, players could team up to defend their home base from invading enemies on all sides, using their various tools of the trade, weapons and accessories alike, to their advantage as they got the jump on their adversaries.  This will be a huge part of the game when it ships later this month for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


It’s really weird how some of these April Fools jokes are turning into actual products, isn’t it?  Take a look at the iCade, a miniature iPad arcade cabinet that was first shown as an April Fools joke, but has since become a best-selling accessory for the market.  Now, THQ has confirmed yet another April Fools gag that’s becoming a reality, one that introduces a whole new way to play through the world of Steelport in Saints Row: The Third.


There was something about the Fatal Frame games that was utterly spectacular.  The series, which ran on PlayStation 2 across multiple releases, raised some genuine scares while avoiding the pratfalls of most survival/horror games, arming you with a special camera rather than a powerful array of weaponry.  The concept worked quite well over the years, prompting Tecmo Koei to give it another shot, this time on the Nintendo 3DS with the mostly unrelated Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir.  It was a great idea, but from the first moment it tries to take advantage of the system’s built-in augmented reality, things fall apart rather quickly.


It's been rumored for ages, and badly hidden after bits and pieces being revealed on the Internet, including a Target pre-sale tag and registered domain names.  But now it's no longer a secret -- Activision is working on Call of Duty: Black Ops II.  The game, under development at Treyarch, got its "official" unveil this evening during the NBA playoffs, and the trailer leaked online just a slight bit before that.  It paints a pretty bleak picture, taking place in the year 2026 and featuring a number of unmanned vehicles on patrol, which are soon overtaken by a silent enemy looking to wreak havoc.


Once you see one Dynasty Warriors game, you’ve pretty much seen them all, right?  Let’s be honest, over the years, the countless Warriors games that Tecmo Koei has released haven’t diverted much, save for the Gundam games, which wraps the familiar beat-em-up gameplay around the popular anime universe.  And even there, repetitiveness is starting to kick in.  Thankfully, it’s believed that the development team has listened to the fans and is throwing in some new elements to keep things interesting.  While Warriors Orochi 3 can’t shake the same old “diabolically kill hundreds” formula that’s been in the series for years, some new elements keep it from feeling like the same old game.


Kart racers are usually a dime a dozen, especially back in the old days, when it seemed like every gaming company wanted to make its own version to capitalize on the popularity of the Mario Kart games.  But Sega did it quite effectively several months back with Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing, a smorgasbord of racing goodness stemming multiple characters and tracks inspired by various Sega classics, including the House of the Dead, Samba de Amigo and more.  The formula worked extremely well for both the company and players, so it should be no surprise that the long-rumored sequel was finally announced today.


Joe Danger fared very well for a man founded by a four-man development team at Hello Games.  His arrival on PlayStation Network brought big things a few months ago, and recently, he made an even bigger splash on Xbox Live Arcade, with additional levels and other goodies.  But now an even bigger adventure awaits him with the forthcoming Joe Danger the Movie, a game coming for unspecified platforms and introducing him to a whole new slew of excitement.  They don't call him Joe Danger for nothing.


Last year, Orcs Must Die! from Robot Entertainment (consisting of prior employees from Ensenble Studios, the makers of Halo Wars) really shook things up on both PC and Xbox Live Arcade, with players getting into the bloody, strategic action of killing hundreds of orcs using melee attacks and various gut-busting traps.  Now, the team is at it again, bringing Orcs Must Die! 2 to the front this fall with two-player co-op action, more traps and, of course, more dead orcs.  Who could ask for anything more?


It seemed, at a glance, that Harmonix had done everything it possibly could with the Rock Band franchise.  There's been a trio of sequels that have introduced various instruments and new ways to play; thousands of songs released via DLC; and even band-specific games for Green Day and AC/DC, as well as a Lego spin-off. So what's left?  How about a new way to play?