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Let's make it clear right now -- the Consumer Electronics Show isn't really about video games.  Sure, they definitely have a place in the consumer electronic world when it comes to entertainment, but the show is more focused on the technological side, with gadgets, TV's and other high-priced technology that's really out there.  But some game companies managed to show up anyway and show off their wares, so we've got the wrap-up on what we saw, and whether it was really worth it.  Let's get started...


Sony's gearing up for a strong 2012 season, between the upcoming Twisted Metal and Starhawk, the rumored God of War IV, and now a new project that's looking more like an actuality with each new day.  The project is called Title Fight, and it looks to be Sony's equivalent of Nintendo's Super Smash Bros., with several familiar characters duking it out for supremacy.

With Microsoft kicking off E3 in disappointing fashion, it was up to Sony to try to get things back on a happier track with a press conference that would feature better games and other content. Sony had a lot on its plate at E3. They suffered a network outage that lasted over a month due to it being hacked, leaving many PS3 owners upset. Plus, they had a new piece of hardware to show off. Things started to go their way as the Playstation Network was back in full force before E3. Did Sony capitalize on its momentum and blow us away with a great press conference?

AUSTIN -- Sony today announced Starhawk, the sequel to its hit game Warhawk, exclusively for the PS3 Playstation game console. Starhawk is being developed by LightBox Interactive, the new Austin-based game studio founded by Warhawk creator Dylan Jobe. The Starhawk game features hero Emmett Graves and his sidekick Sydney Cutter as they do battle in the game's space-based lawless frontier. The game features LightBox's new "Build and Battle" combat system and differentiates itself from other shooters with its area-based AI instead of a path-based AI according to the developers. Check out this exclusive preview interview with LightBox Lead Designer Josh Sutphin as he reveals Starhawk and also check out the first look at gameplay footage and screenshots from the game.