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Am I the only one who truly appreciated the maniacal genius that David Jaffe and his team brought to Twisted Metal Black like a decade ago?  Sure, the storyline was much more twisted, and the darker M-rated approach was quite the jolt for those who expected something along the lines of the original PS One games, but I thought it was a change for the better, with a lot more at stake and concentrated car combat like only Jaffe can provide.  I’m sure there are fans out there who appreciate it as much as I do, and they’re the probably the ones who will get a kick out of the reboot that just arrived on PlayStation 3.


NBA 2K12 is now just days away from release, and basketball players everywhere can't wait to get their hands on it to see how it fares.  But now you can take your game to the next level, as 2K Sports has announced a promotion with Virgin Gaming and Gamestop, where players can compete for part of a $100,000 prize, just for showing off their skills.


Call of Duty XP has officially come to a close -- for this year, and it might just come back -- and what better way to close it out than with a powerhouse tournament for a big amount of cash?  Saturday night, actor Nick Swardson and YouTube sensation iJustine hosted the final battle between L.A. based team OpTic gaming and the UK-based team Infinity.  And a battle it was -- but in the end, the local crew managed to do the gaming world proud and win the tournament.