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What is it with old-school arcade revivals this year?  First The Simpsons Arcade Game made a comeback on both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, entertaining a whole new generation of gamers without the need to break out a roll of quarters.  Now THQ is hitting the wrestling ring with a remake of WWE Wrestlefest, a game that originally body slammed into arcades back in ’91 under Technos’ direction.  And just like it did back then, Wrestlefest promises to be button-mashing fun.


We're getting all sorts of WWE announcements this week.  Hot on the heels of news that Mick Foley, the Hardcore Legend, was joining the game's upcoming DLC packs, we've just learned that one more legend has been added to the mix -- "Macho Man" Randy Savage.


One week prior to the release of WWE 12 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii, and THQ is still adding folks to the downloadable content list.  Just a couple of days after we announced that the animal Batista was to be included in the crew, we've just received word that a hardcore legend will be joining the ranks -- and he's bringing the barbed wire bat.


WWE 12 is just about nine days from release, and wrestling fans everywhere can't wait to get their hands on the latest wrestling game from THQ, featuring a plethora of superstars, improved presentation items and plenty of exciting, table-crashing gameplay.  But it looks like the downloadable content for the game is picking up as well, as the company has announced that Dave Batista has been added to the upcoming roster additions.


Brock Lesnar's stay in World Wrestling Entertainment may have been controversial (especially towards the end), but it's no doubt memorable, thanks to a series of matches and plenty of attitude.  And even though he's since gone on to flourish with a career in UFC, that isn't stopping him from returning to his old stomping grounds -- virtually, at least.


No, not the kind of Predator from To Catch a Predator.  And definitely not the space Predator -- though he would make a cool wrestling character.  Nope, we're talking about Predator technology, a new addition to the engine of WWE 12, THQ's upcoming wrestling game.  Its inclusion will not only make its characters look more dynamic, but will emulate WWE programming, to the point that you may actually feel as if you're watching the real thing.